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Atlanta DUI Attorney Law Blog

"Discusses Georgia DUI laws, penalties, and other important information about DUI in Atlanta."

Atlanta DUI Lawyers

"Law blog focusing on DUI law in Georgia."

Attorney Nathan’s Criminal Blog

Posts cover crime news and court rulings in Massachusetts.

Attorney Richard T. Jones

"Common and not-so-common questions about DWI and criminal arrests and procedures are answered here."

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

Texas criminal defense, criminal procedure, and other criminal law issues.

Austin DWI Attorney

Information regarding DWIs in and around Travis County, Texas.

Avanti Law Group, PLLC

Posts cover U.S. immigration law and related family law issues as well as criminal law topics.

AZ DUI Attorney Blog

Posts give advice to potential DUI defendants, specific to Arizona.


"Blog featuring topics affecting the everyday lives of the clients, lawyers and general public in Cherokee County, Georgia." Topics include family law and criminal defense.

Baltimore Crime Beat

A roundup of the police, courts and crime stories in the city and central Maryland, produced by the Baltimore Sun.

Bank D & O Liability Law Blog

"News and insight regarding banking, as it pertains to directors and officers liability."

Basic Law Professor

Blog discusses aspects of the criminal justice system and philosophy. "[Pattison's] biggest objection to our Criminal Justice system is that it's complicated with enough smoke and mirrors that the simplicity of it is overwhelmed by the fog of process. Common sense dictates that if we can identify the foundational themes of Criminal Law, Defense, and the Constitution, the System is manageable. The purpose of this Blog is to simplify things from their most basic level to practical application."

Baum Law Offices, LLC

Focuses on the author's criminal defense and civil litigation practice.

Birdsong’s Law Blog

"A whimsical look at law and politics."

Black’s Law, A Blog

Blog discusses high-profile criminal cases in the news and gives tips for trial attorneys.

Blagojevich on Trial

Updates on the corruption trial of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.


Florida crime news and commentary.

Blitz Blawg

"Articles about American and Virginian criminal law and defense."


"Never attribute to guile that which can be explained by incompetence." Links to law-related news stories in the mainstream media and other blawg posts.

Blonde Justice

Discussion of public defender practice and legal tips, punctuated with girl talk.

Bluhm Blog

"Discussions on clinical education, justice and legal reform."

Blumenauer Hackworth

Posts answer questions that a criminal defendant or a party to a divorce might have.

Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

This blawg "covers mostly murder and missing persons. I try to stay up on current murders, but also cover murders in the 20th century and cold cases. I also try to get in a few fugitives, hoping that someone may be able to help bring in a fugitive. My main emphasis is justice and to always remember the victim. Each and every victim should always be remembered."

Boston Criminal Attorney Blog

News and recent developments in Boston criminal law.

Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Provides insight on criminal law news, cases and reports in Massachusetts.