Criminal Justice

Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform

Posts address the legal issues arising from the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and other states.

Marjorie Cohn

Legal and political analysis of criminal justice, human rights and U.S. foreign policy.

Mark Rosenblum, P.A.

Posts cover reported crimes in Florida.

Maryland Bail Bonds Blog

"News and information on bail bonds in Maryland."

Maryland Criminal Attorney Blog

News, events, and recent developments in Maryland criminal law.

Maryland DUI Lawyer Blog

This blawg focuses exclusively on DWI/DUI news and information.

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

"Reports on criminal law news, cases and opinions in Massachusetts."

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Reports on criminal law cases, news and opinions in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer Blog

"A former Assistant District Attorney and current defense lawyer blogs his way through the Massachusetts criminal justice system one issue at a time."

Massachusetts DUI Attorney Blog

"Discusses DUI law cases, news and reports in Massachusetts."

Massachusetts DUI Lawyer Blog

"Reports on DUI law news, cases and reports in Massachusetts."

Matt Mangino

"A former prosecutor's musings on the criminal justice system."

Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Features criminal law news, cases and reports in Florida.

Miami DUI Attorney Blog

"Provides opinion on DUI law news, cases and reports in Miami."

Michael J. Brennan

Posts cover criminal law and personal injury law in Illinois.

Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

"Provides insight on criminal law news, cases and reports in Michigan."

Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyers Blog

Blog posts discuss recent criminal cases in Wisconsin; news involving the Wisconsin courts; and advice for people in the Wisconsin court system. Areas of focus include criminal defense, immigration law and family law.

Minnesota Criminal Defense Law Blog

Posts are primarily about criminal cases in Minnesota, but also address high-profile criminal cases around the country. Occasionally has tips for criminal defendants.

Minnesota DWI Defense Blog

Posts cover news, scientific developments and changes in the law relating to drunken driving, aka DWI/DUI/OWI, in Minnesota.

Minnesota Supreme Court Criminal Blog

Posts contain summaries of criminal case opinions; court-watching. "One part geeky academic monograph; one part spectator sport."

Mississippi Criminal Defense Blog

"Commentary, news, and tips about criminal law in Mississippi."

Mississippi Criminal Defense Law Blog

"Discusses various current issues and addresses frequently asked questions in Mississippi criminal law, including: DUI and drug law; search and seizure law; criminal procedure; and court case updates and other news."

Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

"Issues involving criminal law in Mississippi."

Mississippi DUI Lawyer Blog

"Devoted to issues involving driving under the influence in Mississippi."

Mommy Madness

"Life and times of a working mother." Among her posts are her "Lawliss" podcasts.