Criminal Justice

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Legal News

"Legal updates primarily focusing on criminal defense, estate planning, tax law, and family law. The blog will mostly set its sights on North Carolina issues."

Less than the Least

"We are both law professors and evangelical Protestants—a weird combination in our time. We hope it’s also an interesting combination. We plan to write about the things that interest us, professionally and personally: crime and criminal justice (Stuntz), corporate governance, credit, and bankruptcy (Skeel), the culture wars, politics, literature and the arts, and other topics."

Lethal Injection

Features news, commentary and analysis of the issue of lethal injection in the United States, although there is an emphasis on Florida.

Leyba Defense

"This is a blog about Seattle DUI news, information, and cases."

Liberty and Justice for Y’all

"A blawg devoted to recent developments and scholarly discussion of Texas criminal law and procedure."

Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center

"An insider's view of what is really happening in the Harris County criminal courts."

Lombardo Law Offices

Posts offer vehicle safety tips and answers questions that New Jersey residents might have about criminal law, family law, or being injured in an accident.

Lori G. Levin

Blog discusses criminal, juvenile and mental health issues, primarily in Illinois. Many posts focus on new trends in criminal and juvenile law issues including decisions from the Illinois Appellate and Supreme Courts as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Posts explain criminal justice concepts by using examples of California cases.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

Criminal law posts regarding high-profile individuals or cases.

Los Angeles DUI Attorney Blog

"Reports on DUI law news, cases and opinions in California."

Man o’ Law

"Posting the sane and insane news about the law and what otherwise strikes my fancy.The opinions and commentary made by this author is solely his own. It does not reflect the opinion of any other individual or organization including the Comal County Criminal District Attorney's Office or Comal County."

Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform

Posts address the legal issues arising from the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and other states.

Marjorie Cohn

Legal and political analysis of criminal justice, human rights and U.S. foreign policy.

Mark Rosenblum, P.A.

Posts cover reported crimes in Florida.

Maryland Bail Bonds Blog

"News and information on bail bonds in Maryland."

Maryland Criminal Attorney Blog

News, events, and recent developments in Maryland criminal law.

Maryland DUI Lawyer Blog

This blawg focuses exclusively on DWI/DUI news and information.

Massachusetts Criminal Attorney Blog

Posts feature news and opinions about recent criminal law cases, especially in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

"Reports on criminal law news, cases and opinions in Massachusetts."

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Reports on criminal law cases, news and opinions in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer Blog

"A former Assistant District Attorney and current defense lawyer blogs his way through the Massachusetts criminal justice system one issue at a time."

Massachusetts DUI Attorney Blog

"Discusses DUI law cases, news and reports in Massachusetts."

Massachusetts DUI Lawyer Blog

"Reports on DUI law news, cases and reports in Massachusetts."

Matt Mangino

"A former prosecutor's musings on the criminal justice system."

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