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Mississippi Criminal Defense Blog

"Commentary, news, and tips about criminal law in Mississippi."

Mississippi Criminal Defense Law Blog

"Discusses various current issues and addresses frequently asked questions in Mississippi criminal law, including: DUI and drug law; search and seizure law; criminal procedure; and court case updates and other news."

Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

"Issues involving criminal law in Mississippi."

Mississippi DUI Lawyer Blog

"Devoted to issues involving driving under the influence in Mississippi."

Mommy Madness

"Life and times of a working mother." Among her posts are her "Lawliss" podcasts.

Morris Law Firm Matters

"Discusses criminal justice issues important to individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes in Pinellas County, Fla. Topics include recent changes in the law, important judicial decisions impacting criminal justice and criminal procedure, and defenses that are unique under Florida law."

Mortgage Fraud Blog

A clearinghouse for mortgage fraud news and civil and criminal cases and case law.

Mountain Legal

"Mountain Legal's criminal defense blog discusses issues of importance to the Colorado criminal defense community and to criminal defendants in Colorado."

Nancy Grace

Posts cover high-profile trials and litigation and missing persons cases.

Neuroethics and Law Blog

The Neuroethics and Law Blog is an "interdisciplinary forum for legal and ethical issues related to the brain and cognition."

Nevada Criminal Defense

Largely aimed at a consumer audience, posts cover criminal justice issues and procedure.

New Jersey Criminal Attorney Blog

Provides opinion on criminal law news, cases and reports in New Jersey.

New Jersey Criminal Defense & DWI Blog

"News and legal updates on DWI law, refusal charges, evidence, traffic stops, blood and breath tests and other criminal law topics."

New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

Examines criminal law cases, reports and news in New Jersey.

New Jersey DWI Lawyer Blog

"Reports on DWI law news, cases and opinions in New Jersey."

New Orleans Criminal Law

"New Orleans criminal law with some lagniappe."

New York City Criminal Law Answers

Posts answer "questions regarding criminal charges, criminal procedures, fraud and other charges."

New York Criminal Attorney Blog

New York criminal justice news and Tillem & Campbell news.

New York Criminal Defense

Describes and reviews developments in New York criminal law.

New York Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

Discusses New York criminal law news, cases and opinions.

New York Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

New York criminal defense law involving criminal traffic matters, as well as New York DUI and vehicular assault cases.

New York Criminal Lawyer Blog

News of celebrity entertainers' and prominent New Yorkers' brushes with the law and repeated urgings for readers in similar situations to retain the author's law firm.

New York Criminal Lawyer Blog

Criminal justice news and posts relating to New York's penal code.

New York DWI Lawyer Blog

"Reviews DWI news, cases and reports in New York."

New York DWI/DUI Blog

Blog talks about issues relating to DWIs and DUIs in New York, written for an audience of people facing charges. Recent entries include "Refusal Hearings Issues In New York State – DMV," "Do You Have To Take The Field Sobriety Tests in New York?" and "These Are Some Of The Circumstances That Would Cause Me to Be Dropped From the New York State Drunk Driver Program (DDP)."