Criminal Justice

  • Pinellas County Florida Criminal Lawyer Blog

    Posts feature experiences and insights into the criminal justice system in Florida.

  • Plano DWI Lawyer Blog

    "Analyzes DWI law news, cases and reports in Texas."

  • Police Issues

    "Informed, dispassionate commentaries and news updates on key criminal justice and law enforcement issues."

  • Ponzitracker

    Posts track the course of criminal prosecutions of Ponzi schemers and their accomplices as well as efforts to recover stolen funds for victims of these schemes.

  • Power Line

    A blawg "covering income taxes, campaign finance and welfare reform, affirmative action, race in the criminal justice system and conservative politics."

  • PrawfsBlawg

    "Where intellectual honesty has (almost always) trumped partisanship—albeit in a kind of boring way until recently—since 2005." The authors post about books and papers, law school job openings, concerns of working professors, and "a variety of topics related to law and life."

  • Preaching to the Choir

    "My opinions are my own, but the world would be a better place if everybody agreed with me." Posts discuss constitutional and evidence issues in high-profile criminal trials.

  • Probable Cause

    "The legal blog with the really low standard of review. While the primary emphasis of this blog is criminal law and procedure, there will be occasional commentary on constitutional and international law, as well."

  • Proof and Hearsay

    "Crime, courts and legal issues in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin." Many daily newspapers have their own police blotter-ish crime blogs that only touch on trials, but this blog of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel really gives Wisconsin’s courts, litigation and lawyer discipline their due.

  • Prosecutor Postscript

    "Former prosecutor pontificates on current cases in the news."

  • Prosecutor’s Discretion

    Posts cover criminal law issues and current events from the standpoint of a prosecutor, offer insight into the criminal justice system and trials and tell amusing court stories.

  • Public Defender Dude

    Discussions by an "PD Dude" about legal strategy in important criminal cases throughout the nation.

  • Public Defender Stuff

    "Because we don' get no respect at all."

  • Puerto Rico Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

    Puerto Rico Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has news about the association and items of interest to its members.

  • Puryear Law P.C.

    "Criminal defense, family law, and related legal issues discussed with an emphasis on helping the public understand the law in general."

  • Rabid Sanity

    General musings and current issue commentary from a Montana lawyer.

  • Randolph H. Wolf

    Posts cover criminal law and personal injury law in New Jersey.

  • Recent Articles

    Posts on DUI and traffic-ticket law practice with a focus on New York and New Jersey.

  • Reclaiming Futures Every Day

    Shares news, research, and information on juvenile justice reform and teen drug treatment with the public.

  • RedState

    Political and legal news, commentary and analysis, with a conservative focus.

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