Criminal Justice

  • St. Louis MO DUI/DWI Attorney Blog

    "Discussions regarding current events and issues resulting from DUI/DWI investigations, criminal cases, and driver's license suspensions."

  • StandDown Texas Project

    The Project identifies and advocates best practices in the indigent criminal justice system. The blog pays particular attention to issues involving capital punishment and the administration of the death penalty.

  • Stockbroker Fraud Blog

    Features securities-related news and legal developments.

  • Stockycat Blog

    "A blog by J. Adam Engel focused non-exclusively on the intersection between criminal law, the Fourth Amendment and emerging technology. Dedicated to the idea that effective law enforcement is not incompatible with a vigorous interpretation of the Fourth Amendment." "The Law of Cell Phones and Smartphones."

  • Stop Asking Where I’m From

    The author writes about her experiences as a new criminal defense lawyer.

  • Strange Justice

    "The thinking behind this blog is really simple: The guilty should be prevented from reoffending, and the innocent should not be convicted—not very complex, but often not achieved."

  • Sui Generis—a New York Law Blog

    Commentary on civil rights issues, court decisions and other issues of interest to New York civil litigators and criminal practitioners.

  • Sustained!

    "Current legal events from a modern black perspective."

  • Tacoma DUI Lawyer Blog

    "This blog focuses on DUI defense issues as well as news relating to DUI laws in Washington State."

  • Taking the Fifth - A Criminal Law Blog

    The blog covers a wide variety of criminal law issues of interest to practitioners and the general public.

  • Tales of a Public Defender Investigator

    Work anecdotes from an anonymous public defender investigator.

  • TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime

    TalkLeft says it contains "liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news." Its mission is to "intelligently and thoroughly examine issues, candidates and legislative initiatives as they pertain to constitutional rights, particularly those of persons accused of crime."

  • Tampa Criminal Attorney

    Posts discuss recent criminal case news in Florida, particularly in Tampa.

  • Tampa DUI Attorney Blog

    "Focuses on news, recent case updates, and other information related to DUI cases in Hillsborough County and the greater Tampa Bay area, including updates on challenges to Florida's Intoxilyzer 8000, defending the roadblock / checkpoint case, and fighting the DUI 'refusal' to submit to a chemcial test of the blood, breath or urine."

  • Tampa DUI Lawyer Florida Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

    "Helping educate the public, attorneys, and anyone else interested about DUI in Florida or the Tampa Bay area."

  • Tempe Criminal Defense

    First-person posts cover issues related to a small-firm lawyer's Arizona criminal defense practice.

  • Tennessee Criminal Lawyer Blog

    Covers DUI, narcotics and drugs, white-collar offenses and other criminal defense law issues with a focus on Tennessee state law.

  • Tenth Circuit Blog

    Commentary and summaries of cases before the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • Terry Lenamon on the Death Penalty

    "Focuses upon capital punishment in America today."

  • Texas Criminal Attorney Blog

    Texas criminal law cases and decisions in the news.

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