Criminal Justice

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Blitz Blawg

"Articles about American and Virginian criminal law and defense."

Blog of the Law Firm of Oklahoma

Posts address legal issues and news in Oklahoma regarding criminal law, personal injury and family law.


"Never attribute to guile that which can be explained by incompetence." Links to law-related news stories in the mainstream media and other blawg posts.

Blonde Justice

Discussion of public defender practice and legal tips, punctuated with girl talk.

Bluhm Blog

"Discussions on clinical education, justice and legal reform."

Blumenauer Hackworth

Posts answer questions that a criminal defendant or a party to a divorce might have.

Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

This blawg "covers mostly murder and missing persons. I try to stay up on current murders, but also cover murders in the 20th century and cold cases. I also try to get in a few fugitives, hoping that someone may be able to help bring in a fugitive. My main emphasis is justice and to always remember the victim. Each and every victim should always be remembered."

Boston Criminal Attorney Blog

News and recent developments in Boston criminal law.

Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Provides insight on criminal law news, cases and reports in Massachusetts.

Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog

This blawg covers topics such as felonies, assault and battery, violent crime, drug offenses and wrongful convictions.

Boston Criminal Lawyers Blog

Arrests, criminal charges and criminal trials in Massachusetts.

Boston Lawyer Blog

This blog discusses news regarding criminal law and employment law in Massachusetts.

Brennan Center for Justice

Posts cover election law, legal aid, campaign finance reform and indigent defense.

Bribery Library

"Commentary on the United Kingdom Bribery Act and its impact on international business."

Cady Bar the Door

Posts about federal securities law enforcement, insider trading and criminal news-of-the-weird that hits the appellate courts.

California Attorneys Representing Licensed, Regulated and Other Professionals

"Articles and thoughts from attorneys who specialize in vigorously representing professionals in administrative, civil, business, regulatory and criminal matters. We also write about helping professional businesses and individuals comply with governmental regulations."

California Criminal Attorney Blog

California crime stories in the news.

California Criminal Defense Blog

A California criminal defense blawg focusing on drug crimes, criminal defense, white-collar crimes, drunken driving and sex crimes.

California Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Covers news and events dealing with criminal defense in California.

California Criminal Lawyer Blog

Covers California criminal defense law, including news and events dealing with drug smuggling, DUI and murder.

California Criminal Lawyer Blog

"Examines criminal law cases, news and reports in California."

California Crminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Crime and courts news with a focus on Southern California.

California Securities Fraud Lawyer Blog

"Covers securities fraud news, cases and legislation in California."

Capitalism Without Failure

"Examines the repercussions of bailing out failed industry, failed individuals and failed ideas. The site advocates for, among other things, criminal investigations of financial sector activity leading to the crisis and bailouts."

Castillo Law Phoenix

"Law Blog on Arizona Criminal Defense law. Features videos on specific types of charges and posts about various issues in Arizona law."

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