Criminal Justice

  • Texas Criminal Lawyer Blog

    "Covers criminal defense case law, news and events dealing with criminal defense."

  • Texas Death Penalty Blog

    This blawg follows death penalty cases and legislation in Texas and elsewhere.

  • That Lawyer Dude

    Is described as a "family friendly site where kids and parents can come to learn about Law, Government, and the Judicial System."

  • The Barrister Bard

    "Witty and incisive comment on the law today, including crime and punishment, love and marriage, prison reform, personal injury, police and the courts."

  • The Blago Blog

    "Inside the Rod Blagojevich investigation and related cases." Posts cover news related to the corruption trial of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

  • The Broward Law Blog

    "Commentary about legal news and columns which represent a cross section of American law and justice, with a clear slant to the left."

  • The Chetson Firm, PLLC

    Posts include information relevant to someone accused of driving under the influence or other traffic violations in North Carolina.

  • The Chicago Syndicate

    This blawg focuses "on the Chicago mob, also known as 'The Outfit.' In addition to featuring current news articles, it will also attempt to provide some additional analysis and background information. This site may also feature news about the mafia in other cities and reviews of mafia-related books and movies."

  • The Clark Law Office

    "Covering topics from personal injury, criminal, workers comp, and social security law in Michigan."

  • The Confrontation Blog

    The Confrontation Blog is devoted to reporting and commenting on developments related to Crawford v. Washington, 541 U.S. 36 (2004). The decision held that “testimonial” evidence must be subjected to cross-examination for it to be admitted against criminal defendants.

  • The Crime Report

    "If you read it here, it's a crime." This is the daily news feed of The Crime Report; "a daily news digest of the best criminal justice reporting from around the country."

  • The Crime Scene

    "To serve and inform." Washington Post reporters cover crime and the police departments in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia as well as the local courts and federal district and appellate courts in those states.

  • The Criminal Lawyer

    Analytical and philosophical posts cover criminal justice writ large: misconceptions about the rate of violent crime, how to fix the jury system, “overcriminalization” and the high rate of incarceration in the U.S.

  • The Defense Rests

    "Thoughts (and rants)" about criminal justice news, litigation and legislation in Texas and beyond. Some posts are essays on personal topics.

  • The DUI Blog

    The tagline for DUI Blog says it is "DUI lawyers educating consumers."

  • The Federal Criminal Appeals Blog

    The goal of the blawg is to cover every published opinion from a federal court of appeals that is a criminal defense victory.

  • The Fraud Files Blog

    This blawg posts news anecdotes detailing accusations of fraud and discrimination.

  • The Gray Blog

    "A compendium of news articles centered around the parallel market (also known as the gray market) in branded goods and all of the myriad areas of law affected by the parallel market."

  • The Health Law Sidebar

    "Provides readers with the latest regulatory and statutory updates from the industry, and also highlights news items of interest across the health care field."

  • The Hernandez Law Firm

    "DWI laws and information."

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