Criminal Justice

  • What the Public Defender?

    "This is simply a place to vent and make other PDs laugh—because sometimes our job is really hard." Posts on this tumblr are humorous animated GIFs.

  • Whistleblower Lawyer Blog

    "A blog about Lincoln's Law (False Claims Act) and other whistle-blower laws."

  • White Collar Crime News

    Updates and commentary on white-collar crime cases in New Jersey.

  • White Collar Fraud

    "Views about white-collar crime, securities fraud, the accounting profession, internal controls, Sarbanes-Oxley, government corruption, and other related topics."

  • White Collar Securities Defense

    "A blog tracking significant developments in notable white-collar and securities enforcement actions."

  • White Collar Wire

    "Don’t read us because you’re a criminal. Read us because, some time or other, someone may think you are. This is a blog about business crime. We post stories about news, cases, judicial opinions, practical tips and scholarly work regarding white-collar criminal and civil enforcement, grand jury investigations and regulatory compliance We want to be useful to businesspeople, internal counsel, defense lawyers in private practice, prosecutors and law-school teachers. Sometimes, we write about crime fiction, cocktails and theology. As anyone who’s ever been involved in the defense or prosecution of a white-collar case can testify, all three come in handy."

  • White-Collar Crime

    Trials and litigation involving white-collar criminals as well as the second acts of those convicted of white-collar crimes.

  • White-Collar Crime Prof Blog

    Covers news, prosecutions, investigations, settlements and issues relating to white-collar crime.

  • Windypundit

    This blawgger opines on Illinois statutes, law-related current events, links to content on other legal blawgs he finds interesting. He'll also write the occasional movie review and post his photography.

  • Women Criminal Defense Attorneys

    "This blog was created to consistently shed light on the great work that women criminal defense attorneys have done and continue to do around the country. We’re working to create community for women who specialize in criminal defense. We want to start building on images and narratives of women in this field so that a lasting picture can be painted. Women are taught not to brag and boast but this has the effect of leaving a void in our own story. I want to change that."

  • Wright & Weiner

    Consumer-oriented posts cover personal injury and criminal justice issues in Las Vegas.

  • Wronging Rights

    "Very serious commentary on very important issues." A human rights blog with some sarcastic posts.

  • Y’all Politics

    "Y'all Politics is the definitive site on politics and law in Mississippi."

  • Young Klein & Associates

    Posts cover criminal law and criminal cases in the news in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

  • Your Community Resource: Washington State DUI and Criminal Traffic Blog

    "A discussion of Washington state DUI, criminal traffic law issues and DUI news, etc."

  • Z the Monthly Blog and Legal Newsletter

    "A blog and newsletter about the politics of crime (criminal politics) and prison legal issues. Should the law advance Deterrence or Retribution, Banishment or Rehabilitation? Donations and store proceeds feed the Prison Innocence Project and Monthly Newsletter (annual report available on request)."

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