Criminal Justice

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Collins, McDonald & Gann, P.C.

"Hot topics in the criminal law industry."

Colorado Springs Criminal Law Blog

"Examines criminal law cases, news and reports in Colorado."

Columbus Criminal Attorney

Posts discuss criminal justice news in Ohio and throughout the United States.

Columbus DUI Information

Posts deal with DUI laws, penalties, driving privileges and administrative license suspension.

Common Law

"Focuses on criminal defense and constitutional law issues for everyday situations."

Communis Hostis Omnium

“A study in the legal and practical problems associated with piracy off the coast of Somalia and elsewhere. It examines some of the root causes of piracy, attempts to prevent or stop attacks, and mechanisms for the prosecution of suspected pirates. The prosecution of suspected pirates raises a myriad of legal issues that begin with arrest and collection of evidence, proper venue and jurisdiction, to name but a few."

Completely Legal

"The doings in state and federal courts in New York's Lower Hudson Valley and beyond."

Compliance And Enforcement Register

"This blog is devoted to helping compliance professionals and counsel stay abreast of constantly evolving compliance issues. Because compliance guidance and standards are typically not issued through formal APA, notice and comment rule-making, as embodied in the Federal Register, staying abreast of new and constantly evolving compliance issues and enforcement actions is a constant challenge. The Compliance and Enforcement Register aims to serve as a forum for notice and comment on new and evolving compliance issues and enforcement actions, like the Federal Register."

Cook County Public Defenders Blog

This blawg covers the latest news involving the Cook County Public Defenders Association. Members can view timely union news, contact numbers for union officials, and access download-ready forms..

Cortez Law Blog

"Blogging on state and federal criminal defense issues and providing updates on legal news to the San Antonio, Texas community."

A blawg about the courts.

Courthouse Confessions

"In their own words." Interviews and photographs of low-profile defendants as they leave the courthouse at 100 Centre Street in Manhattan.

crimcourts : A Criminal Law Blog

"A sometimes serious, sometimes lighthearted look at issues and cases in criminal law from around the country, and especially Southwest Florida."

Crime & Consequences

This victims' rights blog's posts often focus on events or policies that interfere with the swift meting out of criminal justice measures. They also cover criminal cases before the U.S. Supreme court and studies with public policy implications related to criminal justice.

Crime & Federalism

"Daily commentary on criminal law, civil rights, and what's new and outrageous in the law."

Crime & Punishment

"On who crime affects and how it's trending."

Crime Blog

Posts feature the latest crime and law enforcement news in the Dallas Morning News coverage area.

Crime in the Suites

"An analysis of current issues in white collar defense." Topics include cybersecurity, federal sentencing and fraud.

Crime Scene

"Crime in the Bay Area and beyond."

Crime Scene KC

This Kansas City Star blog is a place to receive comprehensive crime news information, crime prevention tips and crime analysis about the Kansas City area. It will present both local and national crime data to report crime trends affecting us all.

Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

From marijuana legalization to cyberstalking, blog posts feature local news in Phoenix as well as consumer awareness information on legal topics.

Criminal Defense Blog

"Answers to Minnesota criminal law questions."

Criminal Defense Blog

"Timely issues in the Los Angeles, Calif., Superior Court system."

Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC

Posts cover crime reports in Phoenix.

Criminal Jurisdiction

"A Criminal Law Blog from a defense perspective. Discussing criminal law and justice issues in Texas and federal courts nationwide."

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