Criminal Justice

  • Crime & Federalism

    "Daily commentary on criminal law, civil rights, and what's new and outrageous in the law."

  • Crime & Punishment

    "On who crime affects and how it's trending."

  • Crime Blog

    Posts feature the latest crime and law enforcement news in the Dallas Morning News coverage area.

  • Crime in the Suites

    "An analysis of current issues in white collar defense." Topics include cybersecurity, federal sentencing and fraud.

  • Crime Scene

    "Crime in the Bay Area and beyond."

  • Crime Scene KC

    This Kansas City Star blog is a place to receive comprehensive crime news information, crime prevention tips and crime analysis about the Kansas City area. It will present both local and national crime data to report crime trends affecting us all.

  • Criminal Defense Blog

    "Answers to Minnesota criminal law questions."

  • Criminal Defense Blog

    "Timely issues in the Los Angeles, Calif., Superior Court system."

  • Criminal Jurisdiction

    Criminal justice news with a focus on Texas.

  • Criminal Law & Defense Blog

    Posts—most of which are in video form—are either directed at answering the questions of potential clients facing criminal charges in Arizona, offer the author's take on legal issues facing celebrities in the news, or cover the author's own successes in court.

  • Criminal Lawyer Illinois

    Consumer-oriented posts focus on Illinois criminal law, DUI, felony and misdemeanor defense.

  • CrimLaw

    This blawgger links to peculiar mainstream media stories related to criminal law, discusses Virginia Supreme Court decisions and shares anecdotes and photos from his day-to-day life.

  • crImmigration

    Posts analyze the latest developments in law and policy regarding the immigration consequences of criminal violations. The blawg summarizes and provides links to recent opinions by the Board of Immigration Appeals, federal district and appeals courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • CrimProf Blog

    Features news, information, course materials, scholarship and research primarily for those teaching criminal law.

  • CSB: Crime Scene Blog

    "Crime happens. We blog it." Discussions of crimes that have been in the news, with numerous links to other sites and related information.

  • Cultural Heritage Lawyer Rick St. Hilaire

    Blog discusses cases dealing with the purchase, posession, import, export and smuggling of cultural artifacts, both in the United States and internationally. Recent entries include: "Seizure of Mexican Figurine Prompts Question of CBP's Legal Authority" and "US Claims SLAM Lacks Legal Standing—Asserts That Mummy Mask is Illegal Contraband —Discovery Reveals More Information."

  • Current Thinking

    "A forum for ideas, opinions, and strategies on justice policy and practice."


    "Observations on technology, law and lawlessness." Posts take note of laws related to computer-based crime, issues that arise with digital evidence in criminal cases, and how lawyers and jurors can commit ethical breaches through their use of technology.

  • Cyber Crime Lawyer Blog

    Cybercrime law, including news, events and legal cases.

  • Cybercrime Attorney Florida Computer Forensic Electronic Discovery

    "Hardware and software can retrieve text messages and pictures from cell phones to use in court. We examine computers and extract evidence. We use a forensics expert to help sort through data used in prosecution of federal indictments and state charges, fraud, hacking, theft of trade secrets, and other forms of cybercrimes and civil litigation."

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