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Law & Industry Daily

"Reports on U.S. civil courts, government regulation and public policy."

Lawyers, Guns & Money

Presidential politics, U.S. foreign policy, economic issues.

MMM Tech Law & Business Report

Dedicated to technology and intellectual property issues for lawyers, inventors and venture capitalists. A recurring feature is the Industry Spotlight, which has video interviews with technology professionals. offers a potpourri of posts mainly about corporate law. But Stephen Bainbridge isn't averse to expressing his opinions about social issues, religion and politics.

Raw Finance

"Plain-English analysis of legal financial and economic news and events stripped of politics and sensationalism. The goal here is to create a comfortable environment for readers to absorb and understand complex economic information to help them make informed decisions about finances, employment, housing, etc.—namely, all of the economic aspects of one’s life. The blog also occasionally takes time to examine the interplay between law and economics, especially in the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis. However, if you are looking for high-level economic analysis and study, links are provided on this site to some of the most respected economists and market analysts."

Robert Reich’s Blog

Wide-ranging discussion of political, legal and economic issues, among others.

Subchapter Tax

Posts link to news stories, columns and documents relating to tax law.

The Becker-Posner Blog (defunct)

The Becker-Posner Blog explores current issues in economics, law and policy.

The Chronicles of A Capitalist Lawyer

"The blog discusses various aspects of law, business and economics and is not a how-to blog. The themes range from corporate law to Islamic law, from lawyers job to legal education, and I usually use economic analysis of law in analyzing the legal issues that I discuss in my blog."

The Conglomerate

This blawg is a collaborative project covering business, law, economics and society.

The Faculty Blog

The Faculty Blog posts articles and observations by scholars associated with the University of Chicago Law School and links to the related The Faculty Podcast.

The View From LL2

"All about international law, politics, economics, and many other random things. We found ourselves talking about these subjects a lot ourselves, so we thought someone else might want to listen to our thoughts. “LL2″ is the second sub-basement of the George Washington University Law Library, where international law books are found. We both spent too much time there during law school."

The Volokh Conspiracy

"Mostly law professors, blogging about whatever we want since 2002."

Trade Regulation Talk

A blawg for news and views on antitrust, consumer protection, franchising, advertising and civil RICO law.

Truth on the Market

"Academic commentary on law, business, economics and more." Law profs write about behavioral economics and give the straight dope about how market forces will reshape the legal profession.

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