Education Law

Arkansas Education Law Blog

"The Arkansas Education Law Blog is a blog for educators, parents, and students devoted to exploring the legal issues surrounding public education in Arkansas and nationwide."

E-Rate Law Advisor

The blog provides information and advice about the Schools and Libraries Program, commonly called the E-Rate Program, which provides subsidies to schools to provide broadband Internet access. The E-Rate Team writes about compliance measures that will help clients understand how to meet requirements for funding.

Education Law Insights

"Education Law Insights keeps current and future school leaders updated on trends, case law, and enforcement efforts impacting the K-12 education community. We provide practical advice—insights—for school leaders to make their jobs easier and help them effectively handle legally sensitive situations while fostering positive and productive working environments."

Focus on Regulation

"Hogan Lovells' blog, Focus on Regulation, provides insights, analysis, and news about regulatory issues affecting a broad array of industries." Also has firm news.

Higher Education Law Report

Posts provide information and insight on legal issues affecting colleges and universities.


This blog strives to help the higher education community manage a fast-changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment. It focuses on the extraordinarily broad and sophisticated set of legal challenges faced by contemporary post-secondary institutions and provides practical, concise, and accessible resources for professionals working in the higher-education arena.

School Law

This blawg covers news, court decisions and analysis relating to K-12 education. It is aimed not just at education lawyers but at teachers, school administrators and parents.

Special Education Edition

Special education law news of particular interest to attorneys practicing in Pennsylvania and the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia.

Special Education Law Blog

A fresh look at the ever-growing field of special education law.

The Edjurist Accord

Educational law scholars blogging on recent developments at the intersection of law and education.