Energy Law

  • Arkansas Sustainability Law Blog

    "A blog focused on significant legal, policy, and cultural developments in the Arkansas sustainasphere." Posts are about environmental law. Recent entries include "'Greenwashing' and the Need for Third-Party Green Certification," "The Case for Adopting the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)" and "Sustainability Law 101: The New Markets Tax Credits Program."

  • Baker Bricks - The Construction World in Five Minutes or Less

    "A fresh – and sometimes sideways – view of the construction industry. Delivering our no-nonsense take on both national and international news. Tune in for brief posts tackling issues you may never have thought about."

  • Burleson Blog

    "From environmental debates to employment concerns, and from fracking rights to the latest private equity transactions, The Burleson Blog focuses on energy matters, offering legal insight on the trends, business deals, legal decisions and breaking news affecting the energy industry."

  • Clean Energy and Technology Blog

    "New and interesting issues emerging in the clean energy and technology sector as well as relevant developments in the applicable regulatory regimes and governing laws."

  • Cleantech & Nano Blog

    Blog discusses cleantech and nanotechnology. Topics include intellectual property issues, investing, regulations and legislation.

  • Climate Change and Carbon Management Blog

    The Climate Change and Carbon Management Blog focuses on rapidly emerging issues associated with greenhouse gas emissions. It addresses legal developments on the state, federal, and international level, but also keeps abreast of important business initiatives and developments in related technology. In keeping with the expertise of the attorneys and consultants in our Climate Change group, the blog puts special, though not exclusive, emphasis on information pertaining to carbon capture & storage and to renewable energy projects.

  • Climate Change Attorney Blog

    "It is our goal to use this blog to provide information to other lawyers and the general public about the legislative and regulatory responses to climate change issues developed throughout the country, along with updates on scientific discoveries and case law addressing greenhouse gases, sea level rise and other issues related to global warming and climate change."

  • Climate Change Law Practice Group Blog

    Legal, business and financial news about Canadian renewable energy and sustainable developments.

  • Construction Law Blog

    "Covers a variety of issues affecting the construction industry, such as construction litigation, breach-of-contract claims, defective and deficient construction, delay and acceleration claims, termination and bond claims, and coverage matters. Yet it focuses on issues relevant to private and public owners and energy-related construction projects."

  • Corporate Environmental Lawyer Blog

    "Emerging environmental, health and safety issues that are of interest to the in-house counsel community."

  • e2 Law Blog

    "Insights and analysis of new environmental and energy legislation, regulations, cases, policies and trends, with a focus on relevant business opportunities and risks."

  • Edgcomb Law Group Environmental Law Blog

    Primarily about Ninth Circuit decisions that relate to environmental law, but also discusses federal law and legislation.

  • Energy & Commodities Resource Center

    Posts cover actions of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

  • Energy Law Times

    "Covering energy news and information from our nation's capital."

  • Energy Law Update

    "The Energy Law Update blog is intended as a source of news and analysis relevant to the world of energy law: major court or regulatory orders affecting our clients and others, conference or seminar announcements, breaking news in the world of renewable energy, and novel legal issues."

  • Energy Legal Blog

    "Resource for updates and analysis on national and regional energy issues."

  • Environmental & Land Development Blog

    Posts cover congressional committees devoted to environmental and energy topics; consumer product regulations at the state level; and updates to Environmental Protection Agency standards.

  • Environmental and Sustainability Law

    Posts cover ongoing legal issues related to the BP Oil Spill, environmental and energy law-related legislation and the Enviromental Protection Agency

  • Environmental Law & Climate Change

    An occasional environmental legal news podcast.

  • Environmental Law Prof Blog

    Posts cover policy, regulation and enforcement issues concerning environmental law, climate change, oil wells, Caribbean reefs and waste management.

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