Energy Law

  • Oil & Gas Law Report

    "Reporting on recent legal developments in the oil and gas industry."

  • Oil and Gas Lawyer Blog

    "Opinion on oil and gas law cases, reports and legislation in Texas."

  • Oil and Gas Legal Blog

    "Focuses on making sense of the complex challenges and recent legal developments affecting the energy industry."

  • PEN-e

    "Highlights new documents and events in the areas of environmental law, energy law, and land use law."

  • Regulation & Reality Blog: Utilities & the Enviornment in North Carolina

    "Articles on legal issues facing North Carolina's environment, land use and renewable energy; and regulations that encompass these areas.

  • Renewable + Law

    Sharing "our passion for solar energy, wind energy, biofuels, ocean and hydrokinetic energy, biomass, waste-to-energy, geothermal and other clean technologies."

  • Smart Grid Legal News

    "Provides timely information and legal commentary on issues related to the smart grid, including activities at state regulatory commissions, the Department of Energy and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission."

  • Switchboard, from NRDC > David Doniger’s Blog

    Federal and state global warming, clean air and clean car law.

  • Tax Equity Telegraph

    "Intended to address the intersection of tax policy and energy policy in the United States. This topic is of particular interest to renewable energy developers that need to raise tax equity and financial institutions and other corporations that provide tax equity. The posts are also intended to be of interest to companies that purchase energy projects outright partly to obtain the tax benefits and to utilities that contract with renewable energy projects."

  • Texas Agriculture Law Blog

    "This blog is an outreach project of the Texas Agrilife Extension Service. The goal of this blog is to keep you up to date on various legal issues impacting Texas agriculture. We are specifically focused on water law, oil and gas law, leasing, property rights, right to farm statutes, and animal cruelty issues. We hope to provide a variety of information from current news stories, to recent legal opinions, to the basics of various legal topics. We're glad you are here!"

  • The Energy Law Blog

    Oil and gas exploration, production, and marketing in the Gulf Coast.

  • The New Carbon Cycle

    News and analysis of the rapidly evolving law and policy surrounding climate change, carbon trading and markets, and renewable energy.

  • The United States Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog

    "Frequently updated with news, information and resource items about agricultural law and policy and food law and policy."

  • Wind Power Law Blog

    "Focuses on wind energy legal developments, especially regarding land use and zoning law, environmental concerns, and judicial and regulatory actions. This blog emphasizes wind energy developments in New York."

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