Entertainment & Sports Law

  • Nerds in Court

    "An entertainment law blog focusing on emerging legal issues and news stories relating to video games, comic books, anime, and other nerd culture."

  • NFL Concussion Litigation

    "Providing legal analysis and coverage of all the latest developments in the NFL concussion lawsuits."

  • Nouveau Law Blog

    "Blog addresses various issues pertaining to copyrights, trademarks, internet law, business, the art market, and the practice of law."

  • Ober | Kaler IP Watch

    "IP issues of importance in science, technology, health care, education, media and the arts."

  • Pixelization

    Intellectual property and entertainment law.

  • Protect | and | Leverage

    Intellectual property issues as they relate to art and music, legal news of all kinds, and takes on popular music.

  • Resort Injury Lawyer Blog

    Posts about "Resort Torts and resort, vacation, and recreational-related injuries, crimes, and laws." Examples include parasailing deaths, tourist crimes, train derailments and pool drownings.

  • Sports and Entertainment Law Insider

    Posts tackle challenges and legal needs facing professional sports leagues; teams; owners; athletes; movie studios; entertainers; casinos; and video game, film and television production companies.

  • Sports Law Blog

    "All things legal relating to the sports world." Includes information about sports law symposia, current litigation involving professional athletes or athletic leagues, media battles and so much more.

  • Sports Law Scoreboard

    "Highlights current news in sports and discusses the associated legal implications in a manner designed to entertain and inform the sports community, fellow fans and casual observers."

  • SportsAgentBlog.com

    "A place for current and aspiring sports agents to keep abreast of the latest sports business/law/agent news."

  • SportsBiz - The Business of Sports Illuminated

    "At the intersection of sports, business, law and money—and when you are talking about sports, you know it's all about the money."

  • Tactical IP

    "Up-to-date information about the rapidly changing world of intellectual property law, with an eye toward helping businesses and individuals make the right decisions about their IP assets."

  • The Angry Redheaded Lawyer

    "A humorous rant blog that draw upon the author's unusual experiences as a licensed attorney."

  • The Art Law Blog

    This blawg posts news and information about the arts and the laws that apply.

  • The Artful Jurist

    "Dedicated to the law and legal issues that relate to art, entertainment, and the artists who create the works that enrich our world."

  • The Dotted Line Reporter

    "The Dotted Line Reporter is a blog for those interested in the legal and business side of the entertainment industry. It is a student-run blog where we discuss emerging trends and topics in film, television, music, sports, fine art, digital media, and more."

  • The IP Law Blog

    Discussion of IP-related news, cases and legal issues.

  • The Law Insider

    "A daily blog dedicated to the business of law."

  • The Legal Blitz

    "Our mission is to frame all aspects of athletics—including but not limited to competition, contracts, agents, media."

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