Entertainment & Sports Law

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The IP Law Blog

Discussion of IP-related news, cases and legal issues.

The Law Insider

"A daily blog dedicated to the business of law."

The Legal Blitz

"Our mission is to frame all aspects of athletics—including but not limited to competition, contracts, agents, media."

The Legal Satyricon

"Occasionally irreverent thoughts on law, liberty, tech and politics." This blog focuses on First Amendment, entertainment, and intellectual property law issues as well as commentary on legal practice and legal education issues.

The PunkLawyer Blog

Blog discusses how entertainment law and intellectual property law affects musicians and filmmakers. Posts include information on trademarking a band's name, creating riders and registering domain names.

The Socialista

Posts cover a variety of topics of interest to Pamela Patinkin, who is described on her blog as "Highly-opinionated and often too-loud for her own good."

The Sports Esquires

Posts explore sports law issues that happen off the field—from TV deals to lawsuits—and get right what the mainstream media miss or get wrong.

The White Bronco

Posts cover interesting legal issues facing the sports world.

The [Legal] Artist

The blog is aimed at art professionals interested in learning about employment contracts and their other legal rights; copyright news is also covered.

THR, Esq.

Focuses on the intersection of law and the entertainment and media industries. Posts cover trademark and pirating battles in Hollywood.

Title 17: The S(c)ite For Copyright Law

"The name of this blog, Title 17: The S(c)ite for Copy­right Law, is meant to sig­nal my inten­tion and hope that the blog will become both a place and a source in the elec­tronic world for analysis, learn­ing and discussion relating to copyright law."

TVs And Law Degrees

"This blog recaps television shows while making legal references by citing and explaining the laws that characters break in the episodes."


"Comments on all aspects of U.S. intellectual property law and policy, general IP, business IP, and entertainment IP, plus comments of interest!"


"This Blog is focused on discussing legal issues relevant to employment and labor law in the context of major sports including baseball, basketball, and football."

Wired Legal Blog

"Wired Legal Blog is an intellectual property law blog that focuses on the convergence of creativity and law. This also includes brand protection, technology whether new, old or organic as well as arts and antiquities."

World Sports Law Report

Discussion of sports news and legal issues, focusing on Great Britain and Europe.

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