Environmental Law

  • Earth Lawyer Blog

    "Helping the planet one case at a time ... maybe several cases at a time." Blog discusses environmental law with a focus on wildlife and endangered species.

  • Edgcomb Law Group Environmental Law Blog

    Primarily about Ninth Circuit decisions that relate to environmental law, but also discusses federal law and legislation.

  • Endangered Species & Wetlands Report

    "Covers the Endangered Species Act, wetlands and takings: implementation of the ESA by the Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers‘ management of the Clean Water Act Section 404 regulatory program, and the interpretation of those laws by the federal courts."

  • Environmental & Land Development Blog

    Posts cover congressional committees devoted to environmental and energy topics; consumer product regulations at the state level; and updates to Environmental Protection Agency standards.

  • Environmental and Sustainability Law

    Posts cover ongoing legal issues related to the BP Oil Spill, environmental and energy law-related legislation and the Enviromental Protection Agency

  • Environmental Crimes Blog

    This blawg explores all aspects of environmental criminal law.

  • Environmental Law & Climate Change

    An occasional environmental legal news podcast.

  • Environmental Law and Business

    "Tracks changes in environmental law and their impact on business."

  • Environmental Law Prof Blog

    Posts cover policy, regulation and enforcement issues concerning environmental law, climate change, oil wells, Caribbean reefs and waste management.

  • Environmental Legal Blogs

    "Developments in environmental law."

  • Envirosphere

    "Compiles environmental legal news and updates regarding New York state."

  • Fertile Ground

    "Fertile Ground is a blog dealing with legal issues facing livestock producers, crop farmers, and agribusinesses in the Midwest."

  • Focus on Regulation

    "Hogan Lovells' blog, Focus on Regulation, provides insights, analysis, and news about regulatory issues affecting a broad array of industries." Also has firm news.

  • Food and Agriculture Law Blog

    Posts discuss topics related to agricultural law and policies, farm animal welfare, and estate planning for farms.

  • Green Pages - NJ

    Legislative, regulatory and case law arising out of New Jersey's environment.

  • Green Real Estate Law Journal

    "Current issues in sustainable building law for owners, builders and design professionals."

  • GREENberg bLAWg

    "Provides a unique and informative environmental news source that connects the law and the environment."

  • Hodgson Russ’s Clean and Green Law Blog

    "Global energy markets are experiencing unprecedented changes, creating fundamental challenges to the way the world does business. Within these global markets, the clean energy sector faces unique pressures—and thus opportunities—for companies and investors. Hodgson Russ’s Clean and Green Law Blog provides analysis, commentary, and resources from all relevant substantive areas of law, including corporate and securities, energy, environmental, finance, intellectual property, real estate, and tax, among others, to help U.S.-based and foreign companies involved in all aspects of renewable energy, green building, and other cleantech industries navigate the unique opportunities and challenges presented by this paradigm shift."

  • Hydraulic Fracking Blog

    Blog covers the latest news, decisions and rules in the area of hydraulic fracturing.

  • Indiana Environmental Law Report

    The goal of this blawg is "to provide information, highlight new case law and regs, argue politics, and to provide a forum for discussion of environmental issues relevant to those who practice in Indiana."

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