Environmental Law

  • Pennsylvania Brownfields & Environmental Law

    "Information and insight on the developments in Pennsylvania brownfields and environmental law. Topics include low-risk sites, Special Industrial Area agreements, the Hazardous Site Clean-up Act and more."

  • PrivateWaterLaw

    "A blog on water law and policy from a perspective that supports private sector participation."

  • Regulation & Reality Blog: Utilities & the Enviornment in North Carolina

    "Articles on legal issues facing North Carolina's environment, land use and renewable energy; and regulations that encompass these areas.

  • Saxe Envirolaw News

    News and analysis of environmental cases, legislation and policy proposals in Ontario and across Canada.

  • Securities Mining Law

    "Updates and opinions on securities law affecting the mining industry in Canada."

  • Shale Watch

    "The wealth of opportunity presented by high-volume hydraulic fracturing (better known as hydrofracking) to tap into U.S. natural gas resources also presents businesses, municipalities, utilities, and others with a host of new and complex legal and regulatory challenges. That is why Goldberg Segalla LLP created Shale Watch—to sort through the hype and provide a forum for discussing the practical implications of current legal developments pertaining to hydraulic fracturing within all jurisdictions encompassing the Marcellus Shale formation. Topics of interest include proposed and new federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances, as well as other commercial or litigation issues."

  • SPR Environmental Law Blog

    "News and updates on environmental and legal issues related to Sive Paget & Riesel’s practice."

  • Sustainable Marks

    Posts about eco-friendly trademarks, patents and advertising. Weekly roundup posts about new green trademarks.

  • Switchboard, from NRDC > David Doniger’s Blog

    Federal and state global warming, clean air and clean car law.

  • Taft Environmental Law Insight

    Blog provides "updates and analysis on a wide range of environmental law topics." Topics include recent legislation, verdicts of court cases and information for companies about environmental testing.

  • Texas Agriculture Law Blog

    "This blog is an outreach project of the Texas Agrilife Extension Service. The goal of this blog is to keep you up to date on various legal issues impacting Texas agriculture. We are specifically focused on water law, oil and gas law, leasing, property rights, right to farm statutes, and animal cruelty issues. We hope to provide a variety of information from current news stories, to recent legal opinions, to the basics of various legal topics. We're glad you are here!"

  • That’s My Argument

    "Thoughts and arguments from the desk of a Michigan and Wisconsin litigation attorney."

  • The Florida Land Environment

    "A look at environmental and land use law in Florida and across the country, considering private property rights, growth management, comprehensive planning, environmental law, and strategies for landowners."

  • The New Carbon Cycle

    News and analysis of the rapidly evolving law and policy surrounding climate change, carbon trading and markets, and renewable energy.

  • The South Carolina Environmental Law and Litigation Blog

    "Case law and news regarding environmental litigation and regulation (primarily related to South Carolina)."

  • The Sustainable Lawyer

    "The Sustainable Lawyer, an extension of the Boston Bar Association’s Task Force on Environmental Sustainability, will provide brief posts providing tips and best practices on the greening of the legal profession, interviews with green mavens in law offices and law firms, stories about opportunities to do green pro bono or community service work, and accounts of lawyers in a variety of settings working to reduce their carbon footprints."

  • The United States Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog

    "Frequently updated with news, information and resource items about agricultural law and policy and food law and policy."

  • This Land Is Your Land

    "Commentary on environmental and land use issues in the Pacific Northwest, from agriculture policy and food labeling to coal exports and climate change."

  • ZONE

    Land use and environmental law.

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