• Afua Hirsch’s Law Blog

    Posts cover high-ranking lawyers and judges, celebrity-related legal news stories and discuss the need for legal reform in the United Kingdom.

  • Arms Control Law

    Posts analyze and discuss legal issues relevant to arms control, including actions of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the dispute between the West and Iran over Iran's nuclear program.

  • Art Law London

    "English legal developments relevant to the art world." Recent entries include "Enforcement against state-owned art abroad" and "Good news for experts and valuers."

  • Ashley Connick’s Blog

    "The thoughts of a future lawyer ..."

  • Azrights

    "The aim behind this blog is to produce information and news about trademarks, copyright, Internet marketing, social networking, search engine optimization, protection of reputations and brands on the internet, using our perspective as lawyers specializing in this area. The aim is to be relevant to small and medium-size businesses and to not be purely legally focused, as there are already many excellent intellectual property blogs that write about the law for experts in the field."

  • BabyBarista

    "A worm's-eye view of the English bar." An admittedly fictional diary of a junior barrister. It’s part soap opera and part snark from an author who’s cheesed off with the legal profession.

  • barnold law

    "Irreverent critique of developments in European Union, U.S. and Australian 'new technology' law."

  • Binary Law

    Focuses on the blogger's interest in legal information and digital publishing, including how information is written, edited, managed and published.

  • Bloody Relations

    "Where there's a relative, there's a bloody good argument to be had. This blog is about U.K. family law."

  • Bracton’s sister

    "A blog featuring recent research, particularly on medieval plea rolls. Mostly medieval legal history."

  • Bribery Library

    "Commentary on the United Kingdom Bribery Act and its impact on international business."

  • Butterworth and Bowcott on Law

    "Law news, comment and analysis."

  • Charon QC

    Posts and comments cover the practice of law, individual liberties and legal education with a United Kingdom focus. The author also interviews other lawyers in his podcasts.

  • Cisco Blog > High Tech Policy

    "Thoughts and opinions on high-tech public policy." Blawggers comment on telecom news, professional announcements and policy in the U.S. and abroad.

  • Communication and Conflict

    "Observations on communication and conflict in daily life as well as other information and links to useful resources."

  • Communist Tax Lawyer

    "A news, research and discussion platform for monitoring the evolution of communist and ex-communist countries to market economies."

  • Conflict of Laws.Net

    "This Web site is intended as a news and discussion portal to those interested in the conflict of laws (otherwise known as private international law)."

  • content and carrier

    This is a blawg on European electronic communications and digital media law.

  • Corporate Law and Governance

    "The latest news and development concerning corporate law and governance from the UK and beyond."

  • CRITique • The Charles Russell LLP Commercial Law blog

    "Items of news and comment concerning any aspect of commercial law that interests us."

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