• All About Information

    "About privacy and access to information, the law of confidential business information and the law of production (including e-discovery)."

  • At Counsel Table

    Posts address pitfalls encountered by trial lawyers, legal writing and, occasionally, law practice management.

  • Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Texas criminal defense, criminal procedure, and other criminal law issues.

  • AZ DUI Attorney Blog

    Posts give advice to potential DUI defendants, specific to Arizona.

  • Ball in your Court

    Posts share the author's opinions on e-discovery debates and answer e-discovery questions posed by readers.

  • Ballingerlaw

    "Blog featuring topics affecting the everyday lives of the clients, lawyers and general public in Cherokee County, Georgia." Topics include family law and criminal defense.

  • Black’s Law, A Blog

    Blog discusses high-profile criminal cases in the news and gives tips for trial attorneys.


    "LLM's musings on current legal technology, IP matters, antitrust, and the like."

  • Blog 702

    "The official blog of Daubert on the Web, a resource on the law of expert evidence.

  • Bow Tie Law’s Blog

    Posts summarize new additions to the growing amount of case law developing around electronic discovery in both criminal and civil litigation.

  • Bridging the Gap Between Science and the Law

    Innovative Science Solutions "partners with counsel to bring complex scientific and medical concepts clearly into focus. We also have years of experience providing you with meaningful insight related to analysis and re-analysis of the data. Our consultants specialize in providing the scientific knowledge crucial to navigating complex and ever science relevant to your case."

  • BullsEye - Expert Witnesses & Litigation

    Timely, compelling legal developments involving case consultants and expert witnesses.

  • Charles Griffin Intelligence Blog

    Posts cover the "ways in which due diligence and other types of fact investigation can help not only attorneys but anyone."

  • Chicago Sexual Abuse & Assault Lawyer Blog

    Blog chronicles the various sexual abuse, sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults reported in the Chicago area. The news summaries provided include suspects' descriptions and follow-ups on previously reported cases.

  • Cogent Legal Blog

    "Cogent Legal Blog covers news, views and how-to's on legal graphics, case strategy and the law. Practical articles and commentary about visual presentations for mediation and trial, courtroom technology, legal trends and litigation strategy."

  • Columbus DUI Information

    Posts deal with DUI laws, penalties, driving privileges and administrative license suspension.

  • Compelling Discovery

    "Civil discovery from beginning to end." Posts provide insight into opinions by Nevada's discovery commissioners, cover Nevada cases related to discovery as well as analogous cases from the federal courts.

  • Complex Discovery

    "Contains information, tools, and tactics relevant to the growing electronic discovery market. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, and with that in mind, hopefully the content provided on this blog will help you as you translate complex discovery into executional simplicity."

  • Court Technology and Trial Presentation

    “Posts cover legal technology trends, iPad apps for lawyers, legal software and product reviews, high-profile trials, trial presentation and demonstrative graphics.”

  • CrimProf Blog

    Features news, information, course materials, scholarship and research primarily for those teaching criminal law.

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