• Technology Law Source

    Posts cover the law as it relates to digital assets, patent law news and e-discovery developments and trends.

  • The 13th juror

    "Trial technology, litigation support and cognitive perspective. Not necessarily in that order."

  • The Barrister’s Toolbox

    "Dedicated to those who practice in our nation’s courtrooms and make our adversarial system an engine for justice. All are welcome to share their knowledge and experience about what works in communicating with judges and juries."

  • The Confrontation Blog

    The Confrontation Blog is devoted to reporting and commenting on developments related to Crawford v. Washington, 541 U.S. 36 (2004). The decision held that “testimonial” evidence must be subjected to cross-examination for it to be admitted against criminal defendants.

  • The Core Perspective

  • The Courtroom Insight Blog

    "The goal of our blog is to keep our readers apprised of current events pertaining to experts, mediators and arbitrators. Whether it’s a recent legal article, best practices for experts or new reviews in the Courtroom Insight directories, we hope this blog is both informative and enjoyable."

  • The Expert Institute

    "An in-depth look at all issues related to expert witnesses and the selection of experts."

  • The Kessler Notebook

    "Informs individuals, small businesses and corporations of notable topics affecting our current society, and important information related to the industries of computer forensics, forensic accounting, brand management, and others."

  • The Law Professor

    "Speaks on social networks, mobile Web and networks, user-generated content, Internet law, intellectual property, e-discovery, computer law, copyright, trademark and all high technology."

  • The Many Faces of Mike - Litigation Support

    Posts directed at other litigation support professionals about software, hardware and electronic evidence, as well as coverage of newsletters and podcasts on the same subject matter.

  • The Rung

    Posts focus on tools and best practices for litigation.

  • The Scientific Lawyer

    The Scientific Lawyer reviews scientific literature of interest to lawyers and legal scholars.

  • The Truth About False Confessions

    "False confessions are a terrible tragedy that is largely preventable. This blog has three specific goals for combating the tragedy:

    "1. to educate the public and policymakers and deepen understanding of all aspects of the problem;

    "2. to promote specific reforms; and

    "3. to assist attorneys with clients who may have confessed falsely."

  • The Truth About Forensic Science

    "An ongoing forensic science reference for DUI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys."

  • Tillers on Evidence and Inference

    Covers news and developments relating to evidence, legal theory and legal education.

  • Tips for Young Lawyers

    "Tips for Young Lawyers offers tips, thoughts and ideas to help young and experienced lawyers alike with issues that confront their daily practice." Headlines include "The Power of Sound Bites," "10 Things to Keep in Your Briefcase," "The Firm Is Just Not that into You" and "Be Your Own CEO."

  • Tortini

    "Focuses primarily on mass tort litigation, scientific and statistical evidence, and related procedural issues."

  • Translation For Lawyers

    This is a legal blawg of interest to lawyers who occasionally or regularly deal with clients, plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses from other cultures or who encounter foreign-language evidence requiring foreign-language document translation in the course of litigation.

  • Trial Lawyer Resource Center

    Features tips and practical advice to help trial lawyers better select cases, develop trial strategy and represent injured consumers.

  • Tucson Criminal Law Blog

    Posts discuss criminal cases in Arizona, the Ninth Circuit and more broadly around the country, especially SCOTUS decisions. Topics include drug cases, sex offenders and illegal searches.

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