• Mass Torts: State of the Art

    Discusses the science behind "toxic torts" and techniques for trying mass tort cases.

  • MassPrivateI

    "Legal links for attorneys and private investigators that will aid professionals."

  • MesotheliomaCareCenter.com Legal Blog

    "Discusses mesothelioma and asbestos litigation cases nationally and includes courtroom admissions, recent court rulings, opinions, depositions, recent legal decisions from the top law firms nationally representing mesothelioma and asbestos victims."

  • Minnesota Criminal Defense Law Blog

    Posts are primarily about criminal cases in Minnesota, but also address high-profile criminal cases around the country. Occasionally has tips for criminal defendants.

  • Minnesota DWI Defense Blog

    Posts cover news, scientific developments and changes in the law relating to drunken driving, aka DWI/DUI/OWI, in Minnesota.

  • Mountain Legal

    "Mountain Legal's criminal defense blog discusses issues of importance to the Colorado criminal defense community and to criminal defendants in Colorado."

  • Neuroethics and Law Blog

    The Neuroethics and Law Blog is an "interdisciplinary forum for legal and ethical issues related to the brain and cognition."

  • New Jersey Appellate Law

    "Focusing on New Jersey appeals, appellate law, and appellate practice, particularly regarding decisions and other actions of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals." Written for an audience of lawyers.

  • New Jersey Criminal Defense & DWI Blog

    "News and legal updates on DWI law, refusal charges, evidence, traffic stops, blood and breath tests and other criminal law topics."

  • New York DWI/DUI Blog

    Blog talks about issues relating to DWIs and DUIs in New York, written for an audience of people facing charges. Recent entries include "Refusal Hearings Issues In New York State – DMV," "Do You Have To Take The Field Sobriety Tests in New York?" and "These Are Some Of The Circumstances That Would Cause Me to Be Dropped From the New York State Drunk Driver Program (DDP)."

  • Next Gen eDiscovery Law & Tech Blog

    "Legal and tech perspectives on cloud and social media evidence."

  • Nextpoint Company Blog

    "A hub to find out the latest from the world of eDiscovery, social media archiving, and trial presentation solutions."

  • Northern Law Blog

    Posts are on general topics of legal interest, not limited to Illinois. There's no real overarching theme to the coverage, other than analysis of current cases.

  • NYTechLitigation.com

    "Developments at the intersection of law, litigation, and technology, from the perspective of a New York litigator."

  • Ohio Criminal Appeals Blog

    "Focused on Ohio Criminal Appeals."

  • Ohio DUI/OVI Blog

    Posts are related Ohio law as it relates to those charged with driving under the influence.

  • On the Mark

    An e-discovery blog, written by a blawgger who promises: "I’ve no intention to make this a lightning rod for controversial topics, yet have no hesitancy in pointing out the emperor’s new clothes, or his 800-pound gorilla sitting in the corner. I will also try to stay away from the use of the word ’synergies‘ or ‘in this space‘ as much as possible.”

  • Orlando Mediator

    "This blog was created by Orlando Mediator Lawrence Kolin, Esq. to explore issues and trends in dispute resolution." The blog also discusses e-discovery issues.

  • Palm Beach Criminal Defense Blog

    This blawg covers information about law and order in Florida for both practitioners and potential clients. Also some discussions about evidence and the death penalty.

  • PDF for Lawyers

    "How to use PDFs in the practice of law—Tips & Techniques."

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