Executive Branch

  • Corporate Political Activity Law Blog

    "Analysis and commentary regarding federal, state and local pay-to-play laws, campaign finance law, lobbying and ethics. This blog provides up-to-date information about the ever-changing complex landscape of legal obligations in the area of political law."

  • Daily Kos

    A popular and influential liberal blog featuring commentary and analysis on the latest political maneuvering.

  • DC Dicta

    Legal news and developments primarily on the U.S. Supreme Court, Congress and federal agencies in Washington, D.C.

  • Freespace

    Posts for the most part take on the current presidential administration's economic policy and occasionally music or film.

  • Jonathan Turley

    Law and order news-of-the-weird, news stories concerning criminal charges against police officers and members of the military and scandals in the U.S. Justice Department.

  • Justice Watch

    This blawg "is a dynamic forum launched by Alliance for Justice to focus attention on the deliberate politicization of the Justice Department and attempts by movement conservatives to pack the federal judiciary with like-minded ideologues."

  • Lady Litigator™ – Lisa Fantino

    Op-ed posts mainly cover federal legislation and politics and issues, legal or not, of interest to New Yorkers.

  • Law Dork, 2.0

    "Regulation and regulators at the state and federal level, LGBT issues, judicial appointments and the Obama administration more generally."

  • Lawyers, Guns & Money

    Presidential politics, U.S. foreign policy, economic issues.

  • Pardon Power

    Dedicated to following the very latest news regarding presidential pardons and the pardon power (or clemency powers) as exercised in each state.

  • Power Line

    A blawg "covering income taxes, campaign finance and welfare reform, affirmative action, race in the criminal justice system and conservative politics."

  • RedState

    Political and legal news, commentary and analysis, with a conservative focus.

  • The Justice Blog

    Posts cover Justice Department initiatives and activities as well as comments made by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder at press conferences and other events. DOJ higher-ups such as Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal and Deputy Attorney General James Cole have also written posts.

  • Wronging Rights

    "Very serious commentary on very important issues." A human rights blog with some sarcastic posts.