Family Law

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Along with documenting recent changes in Tennessee family law, this blog provides case studies of various issues that arise in marriage, divorce and custody cases. The blogger also provides a photo of the week and presents an annual CLE seminar to update practitioners about changes to Tennessee family law.

Illinois Divorce Attorneys Blog

A blog covering the various aspects of divorce, father's rights and marriage law in Illinois.

Illinois Divorce Lawyer Blog

The Illinois Divorce Lawyer Blog discusses divorce and custody law, mediation and psychological issues.

Illinois Lawyers Blog

Posts cover criminal defense, family law and injury cases n Illinois and elsewhere.

International Family Law

This blawg updates developments in international family law on a global basis. Coverage includes international divorce planning, international divorce jurisdiction, international prenuptial agreements, international child abduction and international child relocation.

Iowa Law Blog

Posts focus on business law, employment law, estate planning, family law and regulatory law in Iowa.

Irving & Irving P.C.

"Our blog discusses family law in Virginia, as well as news and events of the firm."

Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer Blog

The blog covers divorce law news, cases and legislation in Florida and is published by Wood, Atter & Wolf.


Jotwell—which stands for Journal of Things We Like (Lots)—features relatively brief law prof-authored reviews of recent scholarly articles in plain English.

Just Court ADR

"Resolution Systems Institute staff members discuss current issues in court alternative dispute resolution, bringing fresh, unique perspectives to these topics."

"Chicago divorce lawyer covers current events, family law, divorce, custody, paternity, money and other relevant issues."

Karen’s Divorce Blog

“This blog provides simple, useful, and practical information for anyone who is thinking about, going through, or dealing with the aftermath of, divorce.”

Kevin Hickey Law Blog

Covers family and divorce law issues.

Khadilkar Law Blog

Posts cover legal news and topics on family law and criminal charges in the Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia area.

Kitchens New Cleghorn Family Law Insights

Posts cover family law issues in Georgia. Many posts are in video form.

KSS Family Law Blog

Posts cover celebrity divorces and Georgia-specific family law issues.

Ladies & the Law

Posts "by women for women" offer up legal news, information and resources for women.

Larry the N.J. Lawyer’s Cogitations

"We share valuable information about family law issues, case law, and the challenges faced by advocates for alimony reform."

Law Blog of William L. Pfeifer, Jr.

Posts discuss criminal law, family law, and appeals, specifically in Alabama.

Law Dork, 2.0

"Regulation and regulators at the state and federal level, LGBT issues, judicial appointments and the Obama administration more generally."

Law Office of Steven L. Fritsch

Posts cover questions that an individual going through a divorce might have and child-custody questions a divorced parent might have.

Law Offices of Brandon Bernstein

Posts cover topics related to injury and accident law, family law and trusts and estates with a focus on Maryland.

Law Offices of Joshua E. Stern

"I discuss current and common issues in family law. I do my best to demystify and illustrate the legal process."

Law Offices of Marlo Van Oorschot

"An insightful, interesting look at family law issues."

Lawdiva’s Blog

"Interesting and quirky stories on family law, criminal law, judges and lawyers."