Family Law

  • Tennessee Injury Lawyer Blog

    Information concerning personal injury and family law, including news, legal analysis and noteworthy cases.

  • The Dallas Divorce Blog

    "Unraveling the tangled world of divorce and family law in Texas."

  • The Divorce Center

    Posts discuss issues a divorce client might face as well as the lawyers' experiences practicing family law.

  • The Divorce Collaborative

    "Divorce in Massachusetts and beyond, child custody, child support, alimony, and related matters. Emphasis on divorce mediation and collaborative divorce as alternatives to costly litigation."

  • The Divorce Project

    "Addressing a broad range of legal, financial, and mental health topics pertinent to individuals and families of divorce."

  • The Family Law Blog

    Comments on developments in U.K. family law.

  • The Family Law News Blog

    Family lawyers share and analyze news about family law.

  • The G&G ADR Blog

    "Our purpose is to share knowledge and experience with the community, so that people may resolve disputes without having to rely on litigation that has become a costly, lengthy, and risky process."

  • The Gay Law Report

    "Provides insight and analysis about LGBT laws and related news."

  • The Interplay Between Bankruptcy and Divorce Law in Virginia

    "Explores how bankruptcy affects divorce and other family law matters in Virginia, and how divorce and family law matters affect bankruptcy."

  • The Kielich Law Firm

    Posts answer questions that a family law, employment law or personal injury client in Texas might have.

  • The Law Blogger

    "Collects and reports matters of general practice, especially criminal defense and family law."

  • The Marks Law Firm Blog

    "The blog focuses on divorce and family law. The scope of the blog is centered on Missouri issues, as well as nationally engaging events. The blog is written to be understood by both lawyers and and lay people alike."

  • The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide

    The Modern Woman's Divorce Guide includes stress-reducing, money-saving tips, state-specific resources and links, and articles that show women how to tackle problems common to every divorce, regardless of whether it is filed in San Diego, San Antonio or New York City. The site also provides interactive tools, which will include a family lawyer directory later this fall.

  • The Raleigh Family Lawyer

    "Information on family law, dispute resolution and collaborative law in the triangle and North Carolina."

  • The Stork Lawyer® Blog

    Posts cover news and anecdotes related to adoption, fertility, miscarriages, egg donation, in vitro fertilization, same-sex parenting and reproductive law.

  • The Tampa Divorce Lawyer

    Posts cover family law topics with an emphasis on Florida law.

  • Tom James Law Blogs

    The History of Custody Law blog develops the history of child custody from earliest recorded history to modern times, each post thoroughly researched and in chronological order. The Trademark/Copyright blog focuses on intellectual property rights, especially as it regards book authors.

  • Trust

    Posts cover family law topics with an emphasis on Pennsylvania law.

  • Updates in Michigan Family Law

    "Focuses on topics of concern to family lawyers and also members of the public dealing with family law issues such as adoption, divorce, separate maintenance, child custody, support, cohabitation, parentage issues, parental abduction, relocation, post-judgment modification issues, neglect/abuse proceedings and social issues related to families."

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