Family Law

  • Charlotte Divorce Lawyer Blog

    Blog discusses divorce law cases, opinions and news, mostly in North Carolina. Topics include alimony, child support and custody.

  • Chicago Divorce Lawyers & Attorneys

    "It is clear that at the very least, divorce and/or family law is stressful for both parties. We hope that this Web site will help to reduce that stress by providing information which will be helpful to an understanding of the rights and obligations involving custody issues, property rights, visitation rights and many other issues that may arise between the parties involved in the divorce proceeding."

  • Chicago’s Real Law Blog

    This blog answers questions about the legal system in Illinois in a straightforward colloquial manner. Posts have a "Legal Tip of the Day."

  • ChildLaw

    "Commentary, insight and analysis on children's law, policy and current issues."

  • Children and the Law Blog

    News and analysis concerning the treatment of children in our legal system and society.

  • Collaborative Divorce Newsblog

    "Helping people make respectful, civilized, values-based transitions from couple to single."

  • Connecticut Lesbian and Gay Law

    The blawg covers legal Issues of interest to the lesbian and gay community, with particular emphasis on Connecticut law.


    "Provides essential information and resources about divorce, alimony, child support and child custody. Includes attorney-written articles answering family law questions, podcasts, and video tips for both attorneys and their clients."

  • Dallas Divorce Law Blog

    "Explains Texas family law concepts and evaluates related news."

  • Decoupling: Washington Family Law Blog

    "Offers resources, features, tips, humor, pop quizzes on recent cases, and answers to your general family law questions. The blog is committed to making the courts more accessible to nonlawyers."

  • Denver Family Law Attorneys

    Posts explain family law issues to those in need of a family lawyer and note high-profile divorces in the news.

  • Diary of a San Jose Divorce Law Lawyer Blog

    General musings on being a family law lawyer and divorce law lawyer.

  • DiPietro Domestic Relations Law

    Posts cover family law cases in the news and answer questions a potential family law client in Virginia might have.

  • Divorce and Family Law in Tarrant County, Texas

    "Deals with a wide variety of topics in family law and collaborative law."

  • Divorce Discourse

    Posts contain advice about law practice management, marketing and legal technology for family law practitioners and for those who want to practice family law.

  • Divorce Field

    "Where sports meets the courts. An analysis of athletes family law issues in order to explain family law to the average consumer."

  • Divorce Hotline

    War stories from a family lawyer's divorce practice mixed in with family law information.

  • Divorce Law Journal

    "Divorce and family law info for professionals in Kentucky and beyond."

  • Divorce New York Style

    "Designed to inform, update and explore issues concerning divorce and divorce law in New York."

  • Divorce Saloon

    "We use much-publicized divorces and stories of billionaires, CEOs, politicians, socialites, sports stars, actors, and newsworthy personalities and corporations, to discuss various issues that could pop up in a divorce case and sometimes to even orchestrate a “divorce story” where one may not have been totally obvious to a less discerning eye."

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