• Law and Life on the Gnat Line

    "Covers a wide variety of topics on the practice of law and life on the gnat line (a distinctive area of Middle Georgia)."

  • McClelland Law Firm

    "Accident laws and insurance negotiations in Georgia."

  • Meeting the Sin Laws

    Musings on laws affecting adult entertainment, alcoholic beverages and other "vice" industries.

  • Merlinus Goodman Monroe, LLC

    Posts focus on Georgia law as it pertains to divorce, child custody, alimony, and court rules.

  • New Georgia Family Law

    This blawg gathers Georgia family law opinions, continuing legal education opportunities, client and professional resources, and other useful family law information.

  • Northwest Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney

    Discusses bankruptcy and foreclosures, specifically in Georgia.

  • Overtime Lawyer Blog

    "Reviews overtime law matters, opinions and legislation."

  • Savannah DUI Lawyer Blog

    "Timely and provocative insights on DUI defense." Posts cover information to readers who might be in need of a DUI lawyer and the author's experiences defending those accused of DUI.

  • The Georgia Plaintiffs’ Lawyer

    "Updates in the law; collaboration of practice tips and strategies; forum for discussion."

  • TheBKblog

    Provides personal bankruptcy "tips and tricks."

  • Trucking Law and Safety Blog

    "Blog about keeping roads safe, Southwest accident news, and latest legal proceedings." Discusses the dangers truckers face in their job duties. Most posts are accident reports.

  • Win-Win HR

    Posts address management of workplace conflict and solutions for good leadership and governance.

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