Immigration Law

  • GT LE Blog

    "Coverage of key national labor and employment developments. Virtually every week, some case is decided, or bill introduced, or regulation changed—or something else happens—that members of the national labor and employment law community need to take into account. These are the 'nuggets' that LE Blog shares with you —weekly 'take-aways' we think are essential, drawn from all the information you, and we, see each week. As one of our clients told us—'it would be great if I could just get a few weekly headlines.' So, as a way to get you those headlines, LE Blog comments on critical developments every few days, placing them in the context of the broad spectrum of labor and employment law, the way we do internally when we give a heads up to any of our more that 100 employment lawyers in our 30 domestic and foreign offices—'hey, here's one you need to know about—and why.' "

  • H1B Visa Lawyer Blog

    News and recent developments in immigration and visa law.

  • Hunton Immigration & Nationality Law Blog

    The Hunton Immigration & Nationality Law Blog provides up-to-date information on U.S. immigration law relevant to employers and employees. Topics covered include immigration news, court decisions relating to immigration, and requirements for immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

  • has news updates about immigration law and laws that affect immigrants.

  • Immigration and Visa Blog

    "Immigration and visa law, news and events relevant to individuals and companies."

  • Immigration Blog

    Current information and opinions on U.S. immigration laws and policies.

  • Immigration Compliance

    "A candid conversation about the latest developments affecting employers across the nation, including the E-Verify program, Form I-9 compliance, Department of Labor issues (H-1B, H-2b and LCA), identity fraud in the workplace, electronic I-9s, EB-5 investor regional center compliance, and ICE worksite enforcement audits."

  • Immigration Employment

    Immigration news and commentary by veteran immigration lawyer Charles Miller.

  • Immigration Impact

    "Launched to help shape and develop a rational national conversation on immigration that shifts the terms of the debate towards achieving workable and effective comprehensive policy reform."

  • Immigration Law Blog

    Updates on immigration regulations and procedures.

  • Immigration Law Blog

    "Information on immigration law issues."

  • Immigration Law Updates

    Pelud & Carson, LLC has immigration law news and information.

  • Immigration Law, Policy & Politics

    "Insightful commentary from a seasoned California immigration trial attorney."

  • Immigration Law, Policy, and Procedure

    "Covers news, commentary and discussions related to immigration law, policy, and procedure."

  • Immigration Lawyer Blog

    Provides insight on immigration law news, reports and opinions in California.

  • Immigration Lawyers Blog

    "Reviews immigration law legislation, reports and opinions nationally and internationally."

  • Immigration Navigator

    Blog discusses immigration law, including visa and green card information. Recent entries include: "What you need to know about late filing of form I-751," "Criminal background checks for immigration" and "7 quick tips for the marriage adjustment of status interview."

  • Immigration Sarasota

    Discusses immigration topics such as deferred action for childhood arrivals. Also promotes events in the Sarasota area that would be attractive for immigrants and foreign business investors.

  • Immigration View

    "Regular updates for employers on the full gamut of immigration issues ranging from hiring, compliance and employment best practices to the latest developments in visa news and coverage of significant immigration-related decisions, as well as practical advice to ease the immigration process."

  • Immigration Visa Attorney Blog

    "Covers immigration law news, reports and legislation in California."

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