Immigration Law

  • Immigration Visa Attorney Blog

    Examines immigration visa cases, legislation and news stories in the United States.

  • Immigration Visa Lawyer Blog

    "Provides insight on immigration law opinions, reports and news in the United States."

  • Immigration Visa Lawyer Blog

    Discusses immigration law news, opinions and legislation in the United States. Blog offers webinars with titles such as "Don't Waste Any More Time Waiting on EB-3 Priority Dates - Convert your Green Card Case to EB-2 and Jump to the Finish Line."

  • Immigration-Law-Answers-Blog

    Immigration-Law-Answers-Blog has "news, information, opinions and online resources for people with immigration questions."

  • ImmigrationProf Blog

    Covers news, commentary and issues related to immigration law.

  • Joel Stewart’s Blog

    This blawg covers immigration law issues focusing especially in the labor certification process.

  • Kravitz & Guerra, PA - bLAWg

    Posts cover immigration law and legal information of interest to small-business owners.

  • Labor Immigration Law

    This blawg is designed to provide a news and analysis source on the topic of U.S. labor immigration. We provide news breaks of recent developments related to labor immigration law, we analyze recent developments and trends, and generally provide useful information and insight to our readers. Our target audience is 1) non-U.S. individuals employed or seeking to be employed by a U.S.-based employer and 2) U.S.-based employers who need assistance in hiring and maintaining compliance with respect to foreign workers.

  • Law & Industry Daily

    "Reports on U.S. civil courts, government regulation and public policy."

  • Law Blog of William L. Pfeifer, Jr.

    Posts discuss criminal law, family law, and appeals, specifically in Alabama.

  • Law Blog—Share Your Thoughts!

    "This is a blog of legal issues and discussions from my law firm and in general. Open to comments—share your opinion, and even get a legal opinion or two ..."

  • Law Office of Elaine Martin - Immigration News

    "News and updates from the dynamic and constantly changing world of U.S. immigration and naturalization."

  • Law Offices Of Carlos E. Candal

    Providing the latest immigration news.

  • Law Offices of David Michael Cantor

    Blog discusses criminal defense, Supreme Court decisions, DUI laws, constitutional law, immigration law and current events. Occasionally has video podcasts.


    This blog looks at U.S. immigration law and visas from a Chinese point of view."

  • Legal Services Incorporated

    Posts cover immigration law as it relates to employers and entrepreneurs and other business law topics.

  • Legal Updates Blog

    "Tracks legal developments on civil rights, employment, labor, and privacy rights among others. The blog follows state and federal cases and pending legislation."

  • Lifted Lamp

    "The goals of this blog are to provide accurate and up-to-date information and commentary, analysis and opinion regarding legal, political, economic and cultural issues surrounding immigration.The title of the blog is taken from the last line of Emma Lazarus’ famous poem, 'The New Colossus,' on the Statute of Liberty: 'I lift my lamp beside the golden door.' Through this blog, we will keep you up-to-date on the latest and most important immigration news. We will advise you of important developments, some well-known and others obscure. We will also address immigration issues that enter the public debate always advocating for the rights and the dignity of immigrants."

  • Massachusetts Immigration Lawyer Blog

    "Random insights and musings" on immigration law news with a focus on Massachusetts.

  • Miami Immigration Attorney

    Posts are excerpts from newspaper articles covering legislation related to immigration in Florida and elsewhere as well as stories regarding the increase in deportation efforts and goals that immigration officials have set for 2011.

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