Immigration Law

  • Migrations

    Discussion of immigration law and legal issues.

  • Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyers Blog

    Blog posts discuss recent criminal cases in Wisconsin; news involving the Wisconsin courts; and advice for people in the Wisconsin court system. Areas of focus include criminal defense, immigration law and family law.

  • Murthy Law Firm

    Posts cover immigration reform in the United States, immigration law news and news from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

  • My Access Australia

    Posts offer information and advise to those to want to prepare their own Australian visa applications and other topics related to Australian immigration law.

  • NAFTA TN Laywer Blog

    Focusing on nonimmigrant North American Free Trade Agreement professional visas for citizens of Canada and Mexico.

  • New Immigration Cases

    Posts include daily summaries of every new immigration law case from the BIA and 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, published and unpublished.

  • North Carolina Law Life

    "Issues, legal opinions and information on law as lawyers in the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, near Raleigh."

  • Northern Law Blog

    Posts are on general topics of legal interest, not limited to Illinois. There's no real overarching theme to the coverage, other than analysis of current cases.

  • Not Guilty No Way

    Mirriam Seddiq is a “born-again lawyer” who returned to practice and blogging after two years at home with her children. She writes about finding mentorship as a solo, recent criminal rulings, and about moments from her life that have affected her notions of justice.

  • OC Immigration Attorney

    "Protecting and advancing your immigration rights."

  • Safe Haven Immigration Law Blog

    Blog "provides news, information and tips on immigration law." Posts explain green card and visa processes.

  • Sergio R. Karas Canada Immigration Blog

    "News and commentary on Canadian immigration law issues, case law and policy by one of Canada's most prominent immigration lawyers."

  • Spar & Bernstein’s Law Link

    "About all things law as well as the compelling comings, goings, and points of view of a New York City law firm." The podcast Immigration Link with Brad Bernstein can also be found here.

  • SpigaLaw

    Blog discusses news and criminal cases in California, including ones handled by the firm.

  • Technology Company Counselor Blog

    "Discussing a wide range of topics affecting today's technology companies, including benefits and compensation, employment law, immigration, intellectual property, litigation, securities, tax planning, and transactional issues."

  • Texas RioGrande Legal Aid Press Center

    News and developments of interest to and that has an impact on the legal aid community in Texas.

  • The Asylumist

    "The Asylumist is a blog about political asylum in the U.S. We hope it serves as a forum for discussion about law, policy, and politics of asylum. We cover issues related to asylees’ mental health, experience in the asylum system, and adjustment to life in the U.S."

  • The Cipolla Law Group

    Posts cover U.S. immigration legislation and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services programs.

  • The I-9 and E-Verify Blog

    "Critical issues in employment eligibility compliance that most impact organizations. ... Frequent topics include E-Verify requirements at both the state and federal level; Form I-9 audit patterns and best practices; and using integrated electronic I-9 and E-Verify software to streamline the on-boarding process and ensure compliance with frequently changing rules."

  • The Immigration Pages

    "News, laws, and lives in U.S. immigration."

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