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40 Days in Orange

The blogger is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit for the 40 days of Lent, "minus Sundays because they are “little Easters.'" He is writing here about his experience during his short season "in orange."

Contract Drafting Essentials

"A blog on contract drafting from perspective of contract law of India."

CyberTelecom Blog

"Federal Internet law and policy."


Weekly postings on the interesting and important in intellectual property management. Practical advice on how to run an IP department. "Relevance and insight with wit and brevity."

Gillette-Torvik Blog

"Two lawyers in two states blog about law and the issues of the day, and then comment on each other's posts. Sparks threaten to fly, in a civil, respectful, and exclusively metaphorical way."

Green Real Estate Law Journal

"Current issues in sustainable building law for owners, builders and design professionals."

Health Plan Law

ERISA, with particular focus on group health plans and other employee welfare benefit plans.

In-House. Out-Takes.

"With this blog, I hope to share my experiences and thoughts on both a professional and personal level and maybe learn something from those who bother taking the time to read it. Don't expect substantive legal analysis, this is more about the practical side of being in-house and dealing with businesspeople."

Infamy or Praise

Infamy or Praise has the author's observations on quirky news. Topics covered include the law, being a lawyer, crime, current events and other things.


InHouseOwl provides insights to corporate counsel on best practices for employee legal training.

JDs Rising

"A blog for a new generation of Minnesota lawyers."

Law Shucks

"The site includes a Layoff Tracker that graphs where the most layoffs have been. Law Shucks is yet another legal tabloid, but we’re committed to keeping our focus on those who are in, or refugees from, BigLaw. Nothing about summer-associate salaries, bar-review courses, or which firm a law student should pick. We editors and our intended audience have been through that and just don’t care about it any more. Still, a good bit of gossip every once in a while keeps things entertaining."

Lead Counsel Corner

Updated legal news and discussion pertaining to law.

"The purpose of this blog is to make visible the links between business and law. It uses current events and stories to help you learn from others' mistakes and raise awareness of the legal environment of business — how it can help you, and how it can hurt you."

LegalMatch Law Blog

"A home for legal discussions, legal eagles, and legal things you find lying around the house!"

Manpower Employment Blawg

"Everything you ever wanted to know about employment law (but didn't want to pay a lawyer to ask)."

Mendelson’s Musings

"Tales from a VC and recovering drummer, software guy, lawyer." Jason Mendelson takes on law firm management strategies from the perspective of an in-house counsel (and onetime BigLaw associate).

NAFCU Compliance Blog

"A daily dose of legal and compliance-related information pertaining to federally chartered credit unions."

Patent Docs

Posts summarize recent court rulings that impact biotechnology / pharmaceutical patent litigation and prosecution, cover actions of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Organization and notify readers about biotech / pharma conferences and continuing legal education courses.

Reliance on Counsel

"Tips, tech, theories and tall tales of an accidental general counsel."

Settlement Perspectives

"Tips on how to resolve disputes and get your deal done."

Sweet Melissa

This blawg analyzes San Francisco and national politics by looking at proposed laws and actions with an eye toward statutory construction, legislative intent and common sense. Most posts are Necessary Conversation vlog episodes.

The 1709 Blog

"In 1709 the Statute of Anne created the first purpose-built copyright law. This blog, founded just 300 short and unextended years later, is dedicated to all things copyright, warts and all."

The Angry Redheaded Lawyer

"A humorous rant blog that draw upon the author's unusual experiences as a licensed attorney."

The Bizzle

An anonymous in-house lawyer in the United Kingdom posts reflective essays on his day-to-day work life and attitude toward his job and profession.

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