Injury & Accident Law

  • Trucking Law and Safety Blog

    "Blog about keeping roads safe, Southwest accident news, and latest legal proceedings." Discusses the dangers truckers face in their job duties. Most posts are accident reports.

  • Tyler Personal Injury Lawyer

    Discussion of personal injury law and legal issues, with Texas focus.

  • Utah Personal Injury Law Firm Blog

    News stories about accidents in Utah and elsewhere.

  • VA & NC Medical Surgery Malpractice Attorneys Blog

    Blog focuses on medical malpractice cases, and drug and product liability. Most posts are a summary of recently settled cases from around the country, especially on the East Coast.

  • VA-NC Wrongful Death Lawyers

    Blog focuses on wrongful death lawsuits. Most posts are summaries of recent wrongful death verdicts and settlements on the East Coast.

  • Virginia Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

    Discussion of personal injury law and legal issues, with focus on Virginia.

  • Virginia Brain/Head Injury Lawyers

    Blog deals with issues of traumatic brain injuries, concussions and spinal injuries caused by accidents. Some posts describe cases in the news, others talk about new research or legislation.

  • Virginia Injury Attorney Blog

    Provides insight on injury news, legislation and reports in Virginia.

  • Virginia Trucking Accident/Injury Blog

    Reports of trucking accidents and of settlements in truck accident cases.

  • Waco Personal Injury Lawyer

    Discussion of personal injury law and legal issues, with Texas focus.

  • Washington DC Injury Lawyer Blog

    "Reports on injury law news, cases and opinions in Washington, D.C."

  • Washington DC Injury Lawyers

    Posts note personal injury cases in the news.

  • Washington Injury Attorney Blog

    Covers news and events dealing with personal injury and accident law with a focus on Washington state.

  • West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

    "Touches on relevant legal issues impacting our community, state and nation as well as topics that resonate with our clients."

  • Willens Law Offices Blog

    This blog posts are about personal injury law, medical malpractice, workers' compensation and the practice of trial law. Also repurposes the author's monthly column for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

  • Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Blog

    For attorneys practicing personal injury law in Wisconsin and consumers.

  • Work Comp Roundup

    Posts several times a day about risk management and the workers compensation process, to reduce costs for companies. Includes both U.S. and international laws.

  • Wynn & Wynn

    Posts cover Massachusetts law as far as fault in a car accident, DUI and incorporating small businesses.

  • Zachar Law Firm | Injury Blog

    Posts offer traffic safety tips and counter misconceptions about personal injury cases

  • Zen Lawyer Seattle

    "Patrick discusses his thoughts on personal injury practice. He believes all trials are plays, and a personal injury case is a 'tragedy.' Among his blog discussion is his theory gleaned from Aristotle in Poetics that tragedy at its highest level involves the audience (jury) in a universal cause-and-effect action where the jury pities the hero (plaintiff) and fears the adversity (injury) could happen to them. A catharsis takes place as the jury provides for fairness by way of a verdict."

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