Injury & Accident Law

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California Injury Blog

Personal injury and accident topics including car accidents, medical malpractice and nursing home abuse.

California Injury Blog

California personal injury and accident news.

California Injury Lawyers Blog

"Opinion on personal injury law news, cases and reports in California."

California Lemon Law Lawyer Blog

Blog focuses on auto recalls, car safety, pending lemon law legislation and class action suits, specifically in California.

California Personal Injury Attorney

"Summary of tort laws in California geared towards consumers."

California Personal Injury Law Blog

This blawg focuses on personal injury matters mostly related to California personal injury law. It is written in plain language as an educational resource for the
general public.

California Personal Injury Law Case Notes

"Educates the public on issues surrounding personal injury accidents, the law pertaining to those accidents, and the rights of the injured parties."

California Serious Injury & Wrongful Death Blog

"Helping you learn more about personal injury in the United States with coverage of recent news, lawsuits, and trends for topics ranging from major semi-truck accidents to product liability cases."

California Wage & Hour Law

Topics include class actions, arbitration, labor laws and court decisions in California districts.


This blog is written for residents of Alberta, Canada to stay informed on legal changes and events to Canadian injury law. Posts include “best practices for personal injury lawsuits, how to avoid a personal injury and news on local Edmonton charity events our firm enjoys supporting.”

Campylobacter Blog

"Surveillance and analysis on campylobacter news and outbreaks."

CannonLaw Blog

"CannonLaw Blog contains articles on employment law, personal injury law, and criminal law designed to keep readers up to date on their rights and how to protect themselves."

Car Accident Lawyer Blog

Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner's blog includes posts about personal injury cases in Hawaii, policy changes affecting pedestrian and driver safety and information about public health hazards like the norovirus outbreaks.

Cash, Krugler & Fredericks blog

Posts provide legal news, general information and commentary on all aspects of personal injury law from vehicle defects to listeria bacteria recalls.

Central New York Injury Lawyer Blog

Examines injury law cases, news and reports in New York.

Chalik & Chalik Legal Blog

Posts cover news and topics in personal injury cases in Florida.

Charleston Accident and Injury Lawyers

Posts cover law related to car accidents, personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation and nursing home abuse.

Charleston South Carolina Lawyers Blog

"Legal news and articles impacting Charleston, South Carolina and surrounding areas."

Charlottesville Personal Injury Lawyer

Discussion of personal injury law and legal issues, with Virginia focus.

Chelsie King Garza, P.C.

Posts answer questions that potential personal injury clients might have.

Cheyenne Personal Injury Lawyer

Discussion of personal injury law and legal issues, with focus on Wyoming.

Chicago Accident and Injury Lawyer Blog

Coverage of personal injury-related court opinions in Illinois and other related news.

Chicago Accident Law Blog

Covers accident and injury law, asbestos, medical device litigation, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse and pharmaceutical litigation.

Chicago Accident Lawyer Blog

Chicago accidents and personal injury verdicts.

Chicago Car Accident Lawyers Blog

The blog examines car accident news, cases and reports in Illinois and is published by Abels & Annes.

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