Insurance Law

  • Disability Insurance Lawyer Blog

    The blog examines disability insurance law news, reports and cases in New York.

  • Dodd-Frank and the Law

    "The Dodd-Frank Act has broad and deep implications that will touch every corner of financial services and multiple other industries. is dedicated to making sense of this complex legislation and helping businesses understand how it will affect them specifically."

  • EmployerLINC

    Written for an audience of employers, this blog discusses labor & employment, benefits and compensation issues. Also touches on intellectual property, health laws and government contractors.

  • Equine Law Blog

    "The Equine Law Blog is dedicated to educating the horse industry about laws, legal developments, and 'fine points' in the law that can have important consequences for businesses, associations, companies, nonprofits, and individual horse owners ... We will share information regarding trends in the law affecting the equine industry and practical tips on how to avoid disputes." In addition to blog posts, this blog features a regularly occurring podcast, Horse Tip Daily from Horse Radio Network, in which the blogger appears as an expert.

  • Financial Insurance Law Blog

    Posts cover D&O insurance programs, risk management and the regulation of financial services institutions.

  • FL PIP Guide

    Posts discuss the news, law, and changes to Florida's PIP (No-Fault) insurance law with an emphasis on changes in the law and claims handling as a result of the 2012 amendment of Florida's PIP (No-Fault) law.

  • Florida Contract Law Blog

    "Discussing developing law and industry news of interest to Florida construction contractors, developers, homeowners, insurers and sureties. Some of our common topics of discussion include commercial general liability insurance policy terms, Florida federal and state insurance coverage decisions, and construction payment and performance bonds."

  • Georgia Insurance Defense Lawyer Blog

    "Insurance defense law reports, opinions and legislation in Georgia."

  • GlobalTort

    Commentary on torts, disputes and insurance.

  • Golf Dispute Resolution

    "Golf Dispute Resolution tracks the intersection between golf and the resolution of legal disputes." Blog discusses cases in which golf plays a role.

  • Gould and Lamb Medicare Compliance Blog

    Blog discusses Medicare compliance. Recent entries include "Chronic Pain Conditions Impact on Future Care" and "Can REM Programs Solve Healthcare Prescription Drug Abuse Dilemma?"

  • Health Care Compliance Watch

    Blog discusses health law, primarily in New York and New Jersey. Topics include Medicare and Medicaid, electronic health records, HIPAA and health care compliance.

  • Health Care Law Blog

    "This blog will primarily focus on topics that are of interest to health care practitioners, providers and others working in the health care realm. Under that broad heading, this blog will provide articles related to Health Care Reform, HIPAA, HITECH, Compliance, Regulations, specific Providers, Billing/Payment, Medicare."

  • Health Care Law Today

    "Health Care Law Today is your go-to resource for information and perspectives on the latest news and developments in health care law and how it relates to and impacts the industry and those with related business interests."

  • Health Law Gurus

    "The Health Law Gurus cover emerging and new developments in health law, health care reform, privacy issues including HIPAA and HITECH, and technology, regulatory, and compliance matters. They provide access to news, commentary, and insights from leaders in the health care community."

  • Healthcare Integration Advisors

    "Summary and analysis of legal developments that are of interest to hospitals, health systems, physician groups, health plans, and others in the healthcare field." Topics include data privacy, recent legislation, Medicare and Medicaid, labor and employment law and corporate compliance.

  • Holzer Edwards Injury Lawyers

    "This blawg is for people who have been injured, or have family members who were, and have no idea what to do next. In it we will provide an overview of the complex world of injury claims."

  • Illinois Plaintiff’s Lawyer

    "Covers issues in Plaintiffs law both nationally and in Illinois." Blog about financial litigation, injury law and medical malpractice cases. A common topic is medical prosthesis recalls.

  • Indiana Business Lawyer Blog

    Blog is about business law opinions, legislation and matters in Indiana. Topics include workplace violence, tree-trimming ordinances, municipal laws and construction fraud.

  • Insurance Claims and Issues

    This blawg addresses issues related to insurance coverage and to the duties of good faith and fair dealing as presented in claims and as ruled on by courts across the nation.

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