Insurance Law

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Policyholder Perspective

"Provides analysis of legal trends and developments in the area of insurance coverage law."

Politics, Law and Policy Blog

"Bipartisan policy insights and political intelligence."

Property Insurance Coverage Insights

"Providing insights into legal trends, legislation, and court decisions affecting property insurance law across the nation."

Property Insurance Coverage Law Blog

Posts cover policyholders' property insurance issues with a focus on Florida.


Blog covers legal and regulatory developments affecting participants in the property and casualty insurance industry.

Real Property, Financial Services & Title Insurance Update

A weekly summary of select real property, financial services, and title insurance cases and recent developments.

Recreation Law

"This blog is used to discuss the legal, insurance, risk management and other issues in recreation and adventure travel. The blog is designed for a college or university program, commercial operations, tour operators and nonprofits that take others outdoors. I’ll post news and excerpts from cases and lawsuits and weekly. Once a week I’ll provide an analysis in English of a case and an editorial providing in-depth education about a subject."

Reinsurance Focus

A blog covering reinsurance and arbitration legal issues.

Risk Worldwide

Blog discusses risk management, asset protection, disaster response, civil litigation and insurance recovery.

San Diego Injury Law Blog

San Diego injury attorneys Randall R. Walton and D. Scott Barber blog about personal injury, insurance, and professional negligence-related matters.

South Carolina Construction Defect Law

"Discussion of South Carolina construction defect litigation and applicable precedent, case law, and emerging trends affecting contractors, insurance companies, as well as sureties and lending institutions."

Southern California Injury Law Blog

Covers car accidents, dog bites, injuries, insurance disputes, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and wills and trusts.

Special Needs Settlement Planning

Posts include new court decisions regarding special needs cases, "special needs trusts, Medicare set asides, MSP compliance, complex lien resolution, Qualified Settlement Funds and case law."

Specialty Insurance Blog

This blawg has "news & commentary on specialty insurance, risk management & private equity—with an emphasis on professional liability and entrepreneurship."

Spokane Personal Injury

This blog is about personal injury law, insurance law, current legislation and news stories related to tort cases. Posts have a Washington state focus, but national stories are covered too.

Stock Market Loss

Reports on news regarding the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), about financial fraud, securities and insurance.


StraightTalkLawBlog is devoted to news of accidents involving wrongful death and serious injury in Washington state, safety tips, and information on personal injury law.

Tennessee Defense Litigation

Blog discusses Tennessee defense litigation issues, along with new legislation and case law.

Texas HR Matters

"A blog on labor and employment law for Texas employers, with sprinklings of literature, science, history, psychology, and current events."

The Bose Insurance Blog

"Timely and useful information for insurers."

The California Insurance Litigation Blog

"Law and opinions on California insurance law."

The Coverage Geek

"An entertaining and informative update on California insurance law replete with references to popular culture."

The D & O Diary

This blog reports and analyzes what happens after shareholder lawsuits strike a corporation’s directors and officers, and courts rule on the extent of insurance carrier liability.

The Disability Insurance Attorney Blog

"News and articles regarding disability insurance benefits and the claims process, including general legal information pertinent to those suffering from a disability."

The Employment Law Navigator

"The Employment Law Navigator provides analysis and links regarding new laws and regulations, as well as summaries of big news important to employers. The blog also takes a unique look at the way information - how we get it, how we manage it, and how we pass it on - impacts the relationship between employer and employees."

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