Intellectual Property Law

  • Daily News

    Features comprehensive legal news summaries related to the Internet and high-technology.

  • Girl Gamer, Esq.

    "A blog written by a lawyer. Who is also a gamer. Who is also a girl." Posts include intellectual property issues, trademark law, video-game reviews and cases involving the video-game industry.

  • Global General Counsel

    Posts cover court opinions and news related to intellectual property as well as the author's speaking engagements.

  • Golf Patents

    "The Golf Patents blog provides a unique look at the intellectual property issues in the golf industry. The blog follows new golf products and technology, monitors recently published golf-related patent applications and recently issued golf patents, follows what the golf industry leaders are doing related to their intellectual property portfolios (patent and trademark), and tracks golf industry intellectual property litigation."

  • Gray On Claims

    A claim construction and patent law blog with news of recent court rulings on the topics. Illustrations that accompany the author's analysis of court decisions show the patent claims at issue.

  • Green Patent Blog

    "Dedicated to discussion and analysis of intellectual property issues in clean technology and renewable energy."

  • Groklaw

    Groklaw covers legal news of interest to the free software and open source community, such as the SCO litigation regarding Linux. Additionally, the site offers attorneys technical advice. Any attorney can submit technical questions that they might need to understand to be able to handle a deposition, for example, of an expert.

  • Gurwin’s Keyboard

    "In this blawg I address developments and trends at the intersection of technology, entertainment and media, and the law. As a technology and entertainment lawyer, as well as a professional musician, I hope to bring some clarity, spur some conversation and add a bit of humor to these topics. I’ll also share with you some of my music and that of my favorite other musicians."

  • Gust Blog

    "Thoughts on startups by investors that fund them and the entrepreneurs that run them."

  • HDP Magazine

    "The purpose of this blog site is to provide notice about recent developments in the field of intellectual property." Major topics include trademarks, the music industry and patent prosecution.

  • Hearsay Culture

    This blawg is dedicated to the KZSU-FM (Stanford University) radio interview show and podcast Hearsay Culture, “an interview talk show that focuses on the intersection of technology and society. How is our world impacted by the great technological changes taking place? Each week, a different sphere is explored.”

  • Hollywood, Esq.

    Focuses on the intersection of law and the entertainment and media industries. Posts cover trademark and pirating battles in Hollywood.

  • Holman’s Biotech IP Blog

    "My primary research interests lie at the intersection of biotechnology and intellectual property. This blog provides analysis and commentary on recent developments relevant to this area of the law."

  • HowConceptual

    "Articles for helping small business guard their concepts in commerce."

  • I.P. Blawg

    "Keeping up with the latest in intellectual property law from across the U.S."

  • IAM Magazine - Blog

    A blog about the business of IP; looking at developments around the world and how these impact on companies looking to use their IP rights to increase profits, drive shareholder value and obtain increased leverage in the capital markets.

  • Idea Lawyer Blog

    Covers business, inventions, music, intellectual property and tech initiatives.

  • Import Trade Law

    Weekly posts follow recent developments in the laws and regulations enforced by the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection and recap rulings and appeals from the U.S. Court of International Trade.

  • Indiana Intellectual Property & Technology Blog

    Most posts are docket listings of intellectual property cases in Indiana or a weekly digest of links to tech and IP news stories.

  • Indiana Intellectual Property Law News

    "A resource for attorneys and litigants with patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and related interests in Indiana and nationally." One feature is a monthly post listing the patents awarded to Indiana companies.

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