Intellectual Property Law

  • barnold law

    "Irreverent critique of developments in European Union, U.S. and Australian 'new technology' law."

  • BeSpacific

    BeSpacific "provides daily law and technology news with links to reliable primary and secondary sources on e-government, copyright, privacy, government documents, cybercrime and ID theft, the Patriot Act, and freedom of information, etc."

  • Beyond the Fine Print

    "A blog about legal issues faced by businesses and individuals."

  • Biederman Blog

    Discusses entertainment law with a strong focus on intellectual property cases.

  • Big Data Tech Law

    "The business ingenuity law firm is the information law firm, so big data is our DNA. Whether we’re coming at it from information strategy, IP portfolio management, patents, trademarks, privacy, security, defensible destruction, records management, electronic transactions, contracts, litigation or vendor management, it’s increasingly all about the velocity, variety and volume of big data and how to make the most of it."

  • Binary Law

    Focuses on the blogger's interest in legal information and digital publishing, including how information is written, edited, managed and published.

  • BKGG’s IP Blog

    "Current events involving brand protection and offer information concerning copyright, trademark and patent law."

  • Blog Law Blog

    "The blog devoted to blog law—that is, the legal aspects of blogging. Topics include blog-related intellectual property law, Internet regulation, defamation, and censorship, as well as how blogs are used as evidence and authority in the courts."

  • BRIC Wall

    "The mission of this blog is to provide unique insights on patent law developments in at least the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China. We say 'at least' because we intend to expand our discussions to other emerging market countries such as South Africa, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, etc. Our emphasis will be primarily in the chemical and life sciences areas."

  • BSA Audit Blog

    This blawg is dedicated to software audits enforced by the Business Software Alliance.

  • Business Intellectual Property Internet Law Blog

    "This blog discusses business, intellectual property and Internet law developments of interest to Rhode Island businesses and attorneys with an emphasis on intellectual property, electronic contracting and gaming."

  • California Business Litigation Blog

    Discussion of California case law and legal issues of interest to clients and practitioners.

  • California Trade Secrets

    "Follows and analyzes important developments in federal and California trade secrets law, covers verdicts in California trade secrets trials, and discusses national trade secrets news."

  • Canadian Trademark Blog

    Provides insight and analysis on Canadian trademark issues and offers a uniquely Canadian perspective on trademark and domain name topics of international interest.

  • Case Clothesed

    "Meant to keep the public informed and knowledgeable about all things fashionably law and legally fashionable."

  • Case In Point

    Posts focus "on issues related to economic damages, lost profits, IP damages, forensic accounting,and other issues relevant to expert witnesses."

  • Chicago IP Litigation Blog

    Chicago IP Litigation Blog tracks intellectual property cases in the Northern District of Illinois.

  • China Esquire: Law and Business Blog

    "Chinese law, business, and society blog, which contains analysis and commentary on practicing law and doing business with Chinese clients."

  • China Hearsay

    Commentary and analysis of law and business in China.

  • China IPR

    "The blog aims to provide access to information, news and events related to IP development in China."

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