Intellectual Property Law

  • nun-o | New Useful Non-Obvious

    An ongoing discussion about intellectual property. From the World Intellectual Property Organization, “Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce.”


    "Developments at the intersection of law, litigation, and technology, from the perspective of a New York litigator."

  • Ober | Kaler IP Watch

    "IP issues of importance in science, technology, health care, education, media and the arts."

  • OC Patent Lawyer

    "Provides updates on case law, trends and general patent information."

  • OC TechInnovation

    Discusses recent U.S. patents issued to inventors and/or assignees from Orange County, Calif.

  • On the Case

    Posts cover white-collar crime, whistleblower litigation, copyright issues and more.

  • One Page Blog

    "...We are so overloaded with information that if you cannot be brutally pithy and honest, it won't get read. Even though I spend most of my time negotiating complex licenses and wrestling with thorny technology issues, I want to use that experience to provide -- hopefully – useful information which can be summarized on no more than ONE PAGE." Discusses corporate law, licensing and intellectual property issues.

  • Orange Book Blog

    This blawg "reports on Hatch-Waxman litigation and other pharmaceutical patent cases, as well as regulatory and legislative developments."


    This blawg "has 7,000 pages of free legal news and guidance, mostly on IT and e-commerce issues. These issues can affect any organisation, and OUT-LAW is as much for those in a software start-up as it is for the compliance team at a bank." It also provides a weekly Thursday podcast, OUT-LAW Radio.

  • Oziel Law Blog

    "Updates regarding corporate and business law, computer and technology law, intellectual property law and contract law."

  • Patent Arcade

    "A primary resource for video game IP law, news, cases and commentary. Issues that are covered include copyright protection, trademark protection, trade secrets, and patent protection of video games."

  • Patent Baristas

    Besides patent law and litigation issues, Patent Baristas covers items relating to building a bioscience business, nanotechnology, technology transfer, orange book filings as well as Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration regulatory matters.

  • Patent Docs

    Posts summarize recent court rulings that impact biotechnology / pharmaceutical patent litigation and prosecution, cover actions of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Organization and notify readers about biotech / pharma conferences and continuing legal education courses.

  • Patent Infringement Blog

    "The Docket Navigator reads every patent infringement litigation docket sheet in the U.S. district courts every day. The posts you see here are taken directly from the Docket Report."

  • Patent Law Jobs by Patently-O

    "Employers post patent-related jobs; job-seekers find patent-related jobs."

  • Patent Lawyer Blog

    Posts summarize patent opinions out of federal district courts, cover active cases in those courts and cover matters pending before the International Trade Commission.

  • Patent Pending Blog—Patents and the History of Technology

    This is a blawg "celebrating the history of technology and creative genius over the centuries."


    A blawg dedicated to better patent prosecution strategies and techniques.

  • PatentBuff

    "Musings of an intellectual property lawyer, amateur farmer and heritage enthusiast." Discusses patent applications and decisions around the world.

  • Patently-O

    Is described as "the most popular patent law blog and a daily read for thousands of attorneys and agents from every major IP firm, innovative corporation, and TC at the USPTO."

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