Intellectual Property Law

  • Patentmath

    "Patent business strategies, patent enforcement (U.S. and international), as well as some of the mechanics of patent practice; licensing, insurance, patent application tactics that diminish or can add value to patents, and litigation management issues."

  • Patentology

    Some posts answer questions from readers about Australian, New Zealand or international patent law or practice; other posts cover the European Parliament's actions related to patent law and patent litigation down under.

  • Patents Post-Grant

    "Daily commentary and analysis of the ever-changing landscape relating to patent re-examination, patent reissue and emerging post-grant issues."

  • Patents4Life

    "I started this blog to begin a conversation about patent law and policy, particularly how it affects those of us involved in 'prep/pros' and, more particularly, how it affects examination policy and practice in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This blog will have a particular focus on biotechnology and pharma patent law and practice."

  • PATracer

    "Reviews newly filed patent litigation appeals to the Federal Circuit and summarizes the district court's decision. Follow-up posts continue to cover the case, along with other analysis and posts on patent litigation topics."

  • Pearson on Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

    Blog discusses issues dealing with trademarks, patents and copyrights, aimed towards a consumer of legal services.

  • Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog

    Peter Zura's 271 Patent Blog has "up-to-date analysis on patent law and patent news."

  • Pharma Patents

    Blog is written for an industry audience in the chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical fields. Recent entries include: "Federal Circuit Issues Mixed Decision On Myriad Claims," "USPTO Backlog Update: One Step Forward, One Step Back" and "Supreme Court Says Bayh-Dole Act Does Not Trump Inventor Rights."

  • Philip Brooks’ Patent Infringement Updates

    Philip Brooks' Patent Infringement Updates covers patent litigation and related news.

  • Phosita

    "In patent law, PHOSITA is a mythical person of ordinary skill in the art. Why is PHOSITA important? In order to be patentable, an invention must not be obvious to PHOSITA. This blawg (legal blog) aims to provide intellectual property information, news and advice that is of interest to the PHOSITA in all of us."

  • Photo Attorney

    A copyright blog dealing with rights issues related to photographs and relevant to photographers.

  • Pit IP Tech Blog

    "An intellectual property and technology law blog."

  • Pixelization

    Intellectual property and entertainment law.

  • Politics and Law

    "News at the intersection of technology, politics, and law, ranging from intellectual property to censorship to tech policy."

  • Privacy Digest

    News and analysis on issue that have an impact on privacy and privacy law.

  • Property, Intangible

    The blog focuses on issues involving the ownership of intellectual property such as disputed ownership, creation of rights, and licensing.

  • Protect | and | Leverage

    Intellectual property issues as they relate to art and music, legal news of all kinds, and takes on popular music.

  • Protecting Designs

    Posts describe industrial design patent and trade dress infringement, with many graphics depicting the patented objects and the designs in dispute. Examples include Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy tablet; Crocs and Skechers clogs; Jeep Hurricanes; and Samuel Adams pint glasses.

  • Re:Marks on Copyright and Trademark

    Posts cover "trademark, copyright and associated issues—including the emerging law governing the use and protection of intellectual property on the Internet. ... This blog will review laws as they evolve and reflect on how these changes transform the practice—both for our clients and for businesses around the world."

  • Rebecca Tushnet’s 43(B)log

    Covers issues surrounding false advertising, copyright and commercial speech as well as matters involving students and legal scholarship.

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