• The Legal

    "The Legal Blog is an earnest attempt to promote research based websites / blogs, by providing free, accurate and up to date information to lawyers, students and the layman. We at Legal Blog, attempt to simplify legal concepts by providing the latest case law and articles on various important topics." Most posts involve Indian law.

  • The Lex Specialis

    "An International law blog with a particular focus on International human rights law, international humanitarian law and the law of the United Nations."

  • The Lex-Warrier

    "An endeavor to encourage the spirit of legal research among legal professionals."

  • The Magistrate’s Blog

    Provides the musings of an "English Magistrate."

  • The Ontario Condo Law Blog

    "Timely and topical information, news and commentary to inform and enlighten members of the condominium community in the province of Ontario. Property managers, condominium directors, unit owners and others should stay tuned to our blog for commentary on recent and developing trends, digests of recent court decisions, condo-related news from around the province and around the world, and more!"

  • The Patent Librarian’s Notebook

    Chronicles news and issues involving patents in the United States, Europe and Japan.

  • The Personal Injury Blog

    "A wide variety of posts covering every aspect of personal injury and accident claims law in the U.K."

  • The Precedent Blog

    "News. Gossip. Comments. Amusement." This is the blawg of the Ontario, Canada, quarterly "law and style" magazine Precedent. Posts on legal news stories in the U.S. and Canada as well as weekly installments on fashion and wine.

  • The Sports Law Canary

    "Sports law news, views, articles and cases from around the world."

  • The Trial Warrior Blog

    "Strategic blogging about law and justice."

  • The Virtual Lawyer (Steve Cornforth Blog)

    "Law, legal news and the practice of law in England and Wales."

  • The Visalaw International Blog

    Immigration news and legislation from outside the United States.

  • Thomson Rogers Blog

    "The law relating to personal injury litigation is constantly evolving whether by way of legislative changes to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule or Court/FSCO decisions. This blog focuses on keeping you up to date on the important issues and challenges that arise when working with people who have been injured in a car accident."

  • Thoughts From a Management Lawyer

    "Discussion and commentary on Canadian labour and employment law issues."

  • Timely Disclosure

    "Updates and commentary on current issues in corporate finance, securities, and mergers and acquisitions."

  • Toronto Employment Lawyer

    Current employment law matters in Canada and around the world with a focus on both employees and employers in employment, human rights and labor relations matters, with a particular emphasis on wrongful dismissals and employment-related litigation.

  • Toronto Estate Law Blog

    The Toronto Estate Law Blog carries estate planning information and case updates in Canadian trusts and estates law.

  • Trade Lawyers Blog

    This blawg is a forum for international trade lawyers to share information, deposit relevant international cases and articles and educate others about international trade developments affecting their region or in which their country is participating.

  • Translation For Lawyers

    This is a legal blawg of interest to lawyers who occasionally or regularly deal with clients, plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses from other cultures or who encounter foreign-language evidence requiring foreign-language document translation in the course of litigation.

  • U.S. (American) Income Tax for Expatriates & U.S. International Tax Matters

    "Latest developments and observations on US expatriate, international and nonresident taxation."

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