Internet Law

  • Reasonable Expectation

    Posts all related to privacy and data security issues, frequently about online databases.

  • Shear on Social Media Law

    "The blog's main goal is to inform its readers about the legal issues that confront those who utilize social media."

  • Software Audit Blog

    "Articles dealing with legal issues affecting how technology is used in businesses."

  • Stream Industry

    Posts excerpt and link to news reports related to the communications, media, and entertainment industries.

  • Susan Crawford Blog

    This blawg covers Internet law and policy, computer history, the Federal Communications Commission and touches on classical music.

  • Tactical IP

    "Up-to-date information about the rapidly changing world of intellectual property law, with an eye toward helping businesses and individuals make the right decisions about their IP assets."

  • Techdirt

    "Analyzes and offers insight into news stories about changes in government policy, technology and legal issues that affect companies' ability to innovate and grow." Multiple daily posts cover breaking Internet law and intellectual property law stories.

  • Techlawgic

    "Writing on legal issues related to technology. Aiming to provide a provocative perspective on how law should adapt to challanges presented by new tech."

  • TechnoLlama

    Posts, from lighthearted to more serious, cover issues and developments in cyberlaw, specifically open licensing, digital rights, software protection, virtual worlds, and, well, llamas.

  • Technology & Marketing Law Blog

    This blog discusses Internet and intellectual property law with an emphasis on search engines, spam, adware/spyware, and other marketing issues.

  • Technology Company Counselor Blog

    "Discussing a wide range of topics affecting today's technology companies, including benefits and compensation, employment law, immigration, intellectual property, litigation, securities, tax planning, and transactional issues."

  • Technology Law Update

    A periodic update of key technology, computer, privacy, and Internet law developments.

  • TelecomMediaTech Law Blog

    Posts cover the latest from the Federal Communications Commission, net neutrality and mergers and litigation of media law interest.

  • The BHBA IP & New Media Blog

    "Posts cover news, court rulings, and practice tips related to intellectual property law, privacy law, and issues pertaining to technology and new media."

  • The Bolt

    "The Bolt is a collection of short comments and updates about new developments in law and technology. Topics include patent, copyright, trademark, and antitrust law, as well as discussions of information privacy, cleantech/greentech, biotech and pharmaceutical issues, and cyberlaw."

  • The California Biotech Law Blog

    "IP technology counseling and negotiation."

  • The Digital Counselor

    Posts cover topics in Internet and Cybersecurity law, privacy law, and intellectual property as it related to technology.

  • The Future of the Internet—And How to Stop It

    Technology and patent law news and litigation as well as Internet and media law topics. Many posts also cover the latest PDA devices and their applications.

  • The Kessler Notebook

    "Informs individuals, small businesses and corporations of notable topics affecting our current society, and important information related to the industries of computer forensics, forensic accounting, brand management, and others."

  • The Law Professor

    "Speaks on social networks, mobile Web and networks, user-generated content, Internet law, intellectual property, e-discovery, computer law, copyright, trademark and all high technology."

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