Internet Law

  • IPelton® blog

    Dedicated to trademark law, branding and social media.

  • IPTAblog

    IPTAblog is a blawg about "the relationship between the law, communications technology and the creative arts." Topics covered include fair use, copyright and Internet law.

  • Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog

    This blawg covers "law practice management, the Internet and technology as it applies both in law practice and in all of our lives."


    Wide-ranging blawg with a copyright and tech law focus.

  • Joel’s Blog

    "This is where I'll tell you what to think, how to think and why to think what I just told you to think. A thought-provoking discussion on law, technology, cyberspace, culture and whatever else comes to my mind."

  • Knockoff Report

    "Launched in 2008, Knockoff Report is...dedicated specifically to news and views in the world of anti-counterfeiting."

  • Known in the Marts

    "An IP and Internet law blog for creative endeavors."

  • Kyle-Beth Hilfer Law Blog

    Blog focuses on advertising and marketing law, social media, and trademark/copyright issues. Posts cover issues such as "Ten Steps for Managing Employees in Social Media" and "Privacy Issues with the Media."

  • Law & Disorder

    Posts mostly cover Internet and intellectual property law. The name is Latin-derived for the "art of technology."

  • Law & Life: Silicon Valley

    "A view of law and life in Silicon Valley, the global technology center." This blawg covers open source issues.

  • Law Across the Wire and Into the Cloud

    Posts cover issues related to laws such as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and Communications Decency Act; laws and litigation related to data breaches, and rulings by the Federal Communications Commission.

  • Law Actually

    Posts feature the musings of a UK LLB and LLM law grad.

  • Law Geek

    "Thoughts on things," a wide-ranging blawg on various legal issues.


    "Bloggers and law, Internet law, legal tips, Malaysian law news, e-commerce, inspiring stories …"

  • LegalTXTS

    "LegalTXTS reports on the latest developments in law and technology, with an emphasis on legal issues regarding digital media, privacy and data security, and information management."

  • Los Angeles Business Litigation Blog

    This blog is written "from the perspective of someone aiming to enter the legal conversation occurring online surrounding the following:

    • The intersection of individual rights and the internet, e.g., privacy, free speech, and defamation
    • Intellectual property rights and peer2peer filesharing;
    • Operating systems, e.g., Linux and Mac OS X
    • Software licensing
    • Open source software & open source software-based business models
    • Leveraging open source technology to serve clients more effectively while maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics and responsibility."

  • Madisonian

    This blawg is about "law, technology, society."


    Discussion of law, legal issues and news of interest to the profession, with a particular focus on Massachusetts.

  • Media Law

    Posts cover topics relating to a free press and open access to government proceedings.

  • Michael Geist

    This blawg covers copyright and Internet law issues that arise in Canada.

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