Internet Law

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Los Angeles Business Litigation Blog

This blog is written "from the perspective of someone aiming to enter the legal conversation occurring online surrounding the following:

• The intersection of individual rights and the internet, e.g., privacy, free speech, and defamation
• Intellectual property rights and peer2peer filesharing;
• Operating systems, e.g., Linux and Mac OS X
• Software licensing
• Open source software & open source software-based business models
• Leveraging open source technology to serve clients more effectively while maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics and responsibility."


This blawg is about "law, technology, society."

Discussion of law, legal issues and news of interest to the profession, with a particular focus on Massachusetts.

Media Law

Posts cover topics relating to a free press and open access to government proceedings.

Michael Geist

This blawg covers copyright and Internet law issues that arise in Canada.


This blawg features miscellaneous information on technology-related legal news.


"This blog is dedicated to an open discussion of current workplace issues employers are facing as a result of today’s increasingly netWORKed workplace. We will also keep you posted on current events in the ever-changing legal landscape of technology in the workplace. How do you as an employer harness the power of the web and protect yourself at the same time?"

New York Business Law

The blawg covers New York business law, legal issues relating to social media, and civil litigation.

Nouveau Law Blog

"Blog addresses various issues pertaining to copyrights, trademarks, internet law, business, the art market, and the practice of law."

Of Digital Interest

"This blog is designed to provide legal professionals and risk managers with practical insights into regulatory developments, industry trends and current issues impacting the digital environment."

Online Liability Blog™

This blawg covers Web sites, ISPs and other online services; laws that may limit or immunize online conduct; and lawsuits that allege online liability. It also hosts related discussions among technologists, lawyers and others and serves as a portal to resources pertaining to online liability.

This blawg "has 7,000 pages of free legal news and guidance, mostly on IT and e-commerce issues. These issues can affect any organisation, and OUT-LAW is as much for those in a software start-up as it is for the compliance team at a bank." It also provides a weekly Thursday podcast, OUT-LAW Radio.

Privacy & Security Blog

Articles and information regarding legal issues related to network security and data privacy.

Privacy and Information Security Law Blog

Posts take note of consumer protection laws around the world, privacy law litigation and cybersecurity legislation.

Privacy and Security Law Blog

Covers privacy and security issues, with topics ranging from the First Amendment and identity theft, to homeland security, phishing and personal privacy.

Privacy Digest

News and analysis on issue that have an impact on privacy and privacy law.

Privacy Law Blog

This blawg is "a trusted source for summary and analysis of breaking legal developments in the evolving field of privacy and data security law."

Re:Marks on Copyright and Trademark

Posts cover "trademark, copyright and associated issues—including the emerging law governing the use and protection of intellectual property on the Internet. ... This blog will review laws as they evolve and reflect on how these changes transform the practice—both for our clients and for businesses around the world."

Reasonable Expectation

Posts all related to privacy and data security issues, frequently about online databases.

Sharing Economy Law Blog

Posts cover regulation, litigation and other developments impacting the sharing economy.

Shear on Social Media Law

"The blog's main goal is to inform its readers about the legal issues that confront those who utilize social media."

Software Audit Blog

"Articles dealing with legal issues affecting how technology is used in businesses."

Stream Industry

Posts excerpt and link to news reports related to the communications, media, and entertainment industries.

Susan Crawford Blog

This blawg covers Internet law and policy, computer history, the Federal Communications Commission and touches on classical music.

Tactical IP

"Up-to-date information about the rapidly changing world of intellectual property law, with an eye toward helping businesses and individuals make the right decisions about their IP assets."

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