• A Winning Tip

    "Tips on getting the most from focus groups, voir dire and witness preparation."

  • ALPS 411

    "Designed for the exchange of information and ideas regarding risk management, professionalism, ethics, international law, and technology in the practice of law. Contributors provide helpful and useful information on practice management, malpractice avoidance, claims, underwriting, finances, marketing, social media, legal IT, e-discovery, career development, and more."

  • At Counsel Table

    Posts address pitfalls encountered by trial lawyers, legal writing and, occasionally, law practice management.

  • Black’s Law, A Blog

    Blog discusses high-profile criminal cases in the news and gives tips for trial attorneys.

  • Cogent Legal Blog

    "Cogent Legal Blog covers news, views and how-to's on legal graphics, case strategy and the law. Practical articles and commentary about visual presentations for mediation and trial, courtroom technology, legal trends and litigation strategy."

  • CourtroomLogic Consulting

    "Posts explore the many factors involved in juror decision-making and how personal experiences, attitudes and values affect the choices jurors make. Posts also address anything and everything related to persuasion, storytelling, strategy and advocacy in the courtroom."

  • Deliberations

    "Covers juries, litigation consulting and deep thoughts about quirky legal trivia."

  • Developments in California Trial Practice

    "Analysis and commentary on recent California appellate decisions and legislation of interest to trial lawyers and judges." Posts are summaries of recent appellate and Supreme Court cases.

  • Innocence Matters

    Blog discusses wrongful convictions, and tracks court cases that Innocence Matters has been involved with. Recently the blog celebrated the organization's first exoneration, of a man named John Smith; he had been convicted of murder by false testimony.

  • Juries

    News, rulings and legislation related to grand juries and trial juries.

  • jurorproof

    "Legal proof satisfies the law, but not jurors. We find the proof that speaks to jurors." Offers advice to litigators.

  • Juryology

    Posts explore "how to persuade jurors and judges and win trials. We look at all aspects, from themes and storytelling, through jury selection and persuading the fact-finder. It's about reality and data vs. old-time 'wisdom' that is usually wrong. It's about meeting layperson jurors where they are and remembering that they did not go to law school."

  • Landsberg Law Office

    "Hawaii and the Law through my eyes." Blog is written from the perspective of a criminal defense attorney. Topics include famous criminal cases such as the Casey Anthony murder trial and Dominique Strauss-Kahn's rape trial.

  • Legal Communications

    Posts about media relations and legal communications involved with litigation, including reviews of classic cases, cases in the news and tips for litigators.

  • Legal Stage

    "On the pages of this blog, they will share with you why we should all ask 'What can lawyers learn from actors?'" A reoccurring feature is Movies for Lawyers, which are movie reviews of legal films.

  • Louisiana Injury Lawyer Blog

    Discusses injury law news, cases and reports in Louisiana.

  • Mountain Legal

    "Mountain Legal's criminal defense blog discusses issues of importance to the Colorado criminal defense community and to criminal defendants in Colorado."

  • Northern Law Blog

    Posts are on general topics of legal interest, not limited to Illinois. There's no real overarching theme to the coverage, other than analysis of current cases.

  • Online Jury Research Update

    "Practical answers to questions about trying cases to juries based on jury research. Questions answered about judges, jurors, attorneys, evidence, instructions, experts, witnesses, graphics, persuasion, damages, race, gender and more."

  • Persuasive Litigator

    Posts offer research-based persuasion strategies that lawyers can use in both the pretrial and trial phases of litigation in jury, bench or arbitration settings.

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