Labor & Employment

  • Illinois Sexual Harassment Attorney Blog

    Posts focus on employment discrimination, including sexual harassment, racial discrimination, hostile work environment, gender discrimination, discrimination based on sexual orientation, pregnancy, national origin and religion.

  • Immigration Employment

    Immigration news and commentary by veteran immigration lawyer Charles Miller.

  • Immigration Impact

    "Launched to help shape and develop a rational national conversation on immigration that shifts the terms of the debate towards achieving workable and effective comprehensive policy reform."

  • Immigration Visa Attorney Blog

    Examines immigration visa cases, legislation and news stories in the United States.

  • Impact Litigation Journal

    "Provides commentary and analysis about legal issues relating to class actions and other representative litigation in the areas of consumer and employment law."

  • Indiana Business Lawyer Blog

    Blog is about business law opinions, legislation and matters in Indiana. Topics include workplace violence, tree-trimming ordinances, municipal laws and construction fraud.

  • Injuryboard Roanoke

    "Articles on personal injury, medical malpractice, elder abuse and neglect, as well as the legal issues surrounding noncompete and nonsolicitation disputes between employers and employees."

  • Inside Privacy

    Posts cover governmental regulations in the United States and Europe regarding privacy and data security.

  • Iowa Employer Law Blog

    "Provides information and commentary on developments in both Iowa and federal employment and labor law, always with the goal of elucidating the 'bottom line' for Iowa employers."

  • Iowa Law Blog

    Posts focus on business law, employment law, estate planning, family law and regulatory law in Iowa.

  • Iván Ríos-Mena

    Posts focus on conflict management in the workplace and achieving peaceful solutions.

  • Jottings By an Employer’s Lawyer

    Employment law-related discussions and legal information.

  • Jotwell

    The blog's title stands for Journal of Things We Like (Lots). In posts, law professors evaluate the latest and greatest legal scholarship in their respective disciplines.

  • Kyle-Beth Hilfer Law Blog

    Blog focuses on advertising and marketing law, social media, and trademark/copyright issues. Posts cover issues such as "Ten Steps for Managing Employees in Social Media" and "Privacy Issues with the Media."

  • Labor & Employment Law

    This blawg provides up-to-date information on labor and employment.

  • Labor & Employment Law Perspectives

    Written for an audience of employers, this blog discusses topics such as the ADA, discrimination, terminations and wage and hour law.

  • Labor and Employment Law Blog

    "Written primarily for employers, the authors of this blog provide industry-specific information, suggestion and guidance by focusing on labor and employment subjects, news and cases of interest in and around the Appalachian region, including West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky, along with all federal matters of interest in the field nationwide."

  • Labor Immigration Law

    This blawg is designed to provide a news and analysis source on the topic of U.S. labor immigration. We provide news breaks of recent developments related to labor immigration law, we analyze recent developments and trends, and generally provide useful information and insight to our readers. Our target audience is 1) non-U.S. individuals employed or seeking to be employed by a U.S.-based employer and 2) U.S.-based employers who need assistance in hiring and maintaining compliance with respect to foreign workers.

  • Labor Relations Today

    "Providing analysis, resources, and commentary regarding current and emerging issues in labor and employment law."

  • Law Memo / NLRB Law Memo

    Succinct summaries of National Labor Relations Board cases. This is one of eight employment and U.S. Supreme Court-related blawgs on the Law Memo portal site.

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