Labor & Employment

  • Law Memo / Ross’ Employment Law Blog

    Employment law blawg featuring retired law professor's discussions on various issues of interest, often focusing on recent case law. This is one of eight employment- (and U.S. Supreme Court-) related blawgs on the Law Memo portal site.

  • Law Memo / Ross’ Employment Law Reviews

    This is a wide-ranging, clear and concise employment blawg, summarizing recent articles of interest by various authors. It is written for the practitioner by a retired law professor. This is one of eight employment- (and U.S. Supreme Court-) related blawgs on the Law Memo portal site.

  • Law Memo / Work Law Blogs

    Sampling of what various Law Memo / Ross blawgs are saying about labor and employment law. This is one of eight employment- (and U.S. Supreme Court-) related blawgs on the Law Memo portal site.

  • Lawffice Space

    Posts detail recent labor and employment laws and cases as well as "practical information needed to administer cubicle justice."

  • LawPeopleBlog

    "Better law practice through better people management." Topics include LPOs, the recession, partner compensation and diversity.

  • Legal Developments In Non-Competition Agreements

    "Providing case updates, comments and recent news concerning noncompetition agreements throughout the United States."

  • Legal Updates Blog

    "Tracks legal developments on civil rights, employment, labor, and privacy rights among others. The blog follows state and federal cases and pending legislation."

  • LegalEase

    Posts about personal injury issues, hot topics in the news and pending legislation.

  • License Advocates Law Group

    "Important up-to-date information for professional and occupational licensees and license applicants in California who have been denied a license, credential, or occupational certificate or who are at risk for license discipline (revocation, suspension, probation) by the state."

  • Los Angeles Employment Attorney Blog

    "Analyzes employment law news, cases and opinions in California."

  • Los Angeles Employment Lawyer Blog

    Covers California employment law topics including disability and medical discrimination, as well as workplace harassment.

  • Management Rights

    "Focuses on labor and employment law issues, developments, and musings, mostly from the management perspective."

  • Manpower Employment Blawg

    "Everything you ever wanted to know about employment law (but didn't want to pay a lawyer to ask)."

  • Manufacturing Law Blog

    "A resource for thoughtful and timely discussion of legal news and perspectives and related business issues facing manufacturers and distributors."

  • Maryland Employment Law

    This blawg covers employment law developments in Maryland.

  • Maryland Employment Law Developments

    "Comments on pending legislation, new cases, and existing law relating to employment law and employment benefits, with special emphasis on Maryland law."

  • Massachusetts Employment Law Blog

    "Legal news and updates for Massachusetts employers, including the wage-and-hour law monthly tip."

  • Meites, Mulder, Mollica & Glink Law Offices

    "A running commentary (now in its fourth year) on the follies and fortunes of employment discrimination law in the federal court of appeals—with occasional detours, at the author's discretion."

  • Legal Blog

    "Discusses mesothelioma and asbestos litigation cases nationally and includes courtroom admissions, recent court rulings, opinions, depositions, recent legal decisions from the top law firms nationally representing mesothelioma and asbestos victims."

  • Mesriani Law Group

    Posts report on employment and personal injury litigation and settlement amounts, with a focus on California.

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