Labor & Employment

  • Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Advocate

    "Issues and current events related to workers' comp in the state of Minnesota."

  • My Disability Blog

    My Disability Blog has information about applying for Social Security disability benefits and has links to stories about problems with the application process.

  • N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News

    "A legal blog for North Carolina construction professionals to stay apprised of statutory, case law and other legal developments affecting owners, designers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, insurance carriers and other players in the industry."

  • Nationwide Employment LawZone

    Posts cover employment law news in the UK, including policy and regulatory changes as well as prominent cases.

  • Navigable Waters: A Maritime, Longshore and Defense Base Act blog

    "The principal topics of discussion involve maritime law, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and the Defense Base Act."

  • Ndubsky’s Blog

    Commentary on news events and recent court opinions, primarily in constitutional law, and links to related articles.

  • netWORKed

    "This blog is dedicated to an open discussion of current workplace issues employers are facing as a result of today’s increasingly netWORKed workplace. We will also keep you posted on current events in the ever-changing legal landscape of technology in the workplace. How do you as an employer harness the power of the web and protect yourself at the same time?"

  • New Jersey Employment Law Blog

    This blawg links to and comments on news reports and court decisions related to employment law.

  • New Jersey Employment Lawyer Blog

    Employment law issues, news and events.

  • New Jersey Employment Lawyer Blog

    "Examines employment law news, cases and reports in New Jersey."

  • New Jersey Injury Attorney Blog

    News stories about accidental deaths and settlements and verdicts in wrongful death, product liability and workplace harassment and discrimination lawsuits in New Jersey.

  • New York & New Jersey Employment Law Blog

    Employment law news and information relating to New York and New Jersey.

  • New York Appellate Law Blog

    "This Blog is dedicated to providing the latest significant tort and insurance coverage decisions in New York's Appellate Courts; cases which have been granted leave to appeal to the New York Court of Appeals; and other practice tips or information regarding appeals to New York's Appellate Courts."

  • New York City Injury Attorney Blog

    The author blogs about policy changes and personal injury risks, particularly in the workplace, in New York City, including how and when to file lawsuits.

  • New York Civil Service Attorney Law Blog

    "Article 78 cases reviewed and discussed. Employee discipline cases summarized and commented on in addition to pistol licenses cases."

  • New York Disability Law Blog

    Features news, information and support for those with long-term disability, Social Security disability and workers' compensation claims.

  • New York Employment Attorney Law Blog

    "Provides insight on current employment law news and issues."

  • New York Employment Attorneys Blog

    "Reviews employment law news, reports and opinions in New York."

  • New York Employment Lawyer Blog

    "Discussion of current issues, news and events in employment law."

  • New York Labor and Employment Law Report

    Posts cover topics related to employment and corporate regulation both nationally and in New York.

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