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The Pink Slip

The Pink Slip describes itself as a blog designed for embattled employees and their attorneys. The employment lawyers at Babich Goldman created this blog to provide and exchange information about laws that apply to employment-related disputes and to offer general observations about life and survival in the modern workplace.

The Trade Secret Litigator

News and commentary about trade secrets, cybersecurity and non-compete laws. "Thursday Wrap-Up" is a weekly column.

The United States Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog

"Frequently updated with news, information and resource items about agricultural law and policy and food law and policy."

The Whistleblower Blog

Posts have news and commentary related to whistle-blowing cases and legislation, both state and federal.

The Word on Employment Law with John Phillips

A blawg about legal issues affecting the workplace.

Thoughts From a Management Lawyer

"Discussion and commentary on Canadian labour and employment law issues."

Tilting the Scales

"Business law blog that shares common sense, practical insights and a little humor, all to help clarify those issues that often require a little legal help." Posts present fictional scenarios, then explain the legal implications. Contains many, many puns.

Today’s Workplace

Today's Workplace is billed as "your source for the latest developments in workplace rights and employment law." Posts also cover management issues and tips on how to make the workplace more employee-friendly.

Toronto Employment Lawyer

Current employment law matters in Canada and around the world with a focus on both employees and employers in employment, human rights and labor relations matters, with a particular emphasis on wrongful dismissals and employment-related litigation.

Trade Secrets & Noncompete Blog

"News and analysis of decisions, events, and developments in the law regarding trade secrets, confidential information and restrictive covenants, including non-compete, non-solicit, and notice provisions in employment and other agreements."

Trade Secrets Watch

"Offers the latest trade secret news and analysis from the United States and across the globe. We cover recent cases and proposed legislation, verdicts and settlements, practice tips, upcoming events, and other interesting trade secret tidbits."

Trading Secrets

Posts are devoted to cases of corporate espionage and computer fraud.

Translation For Lawyers

This is a legal blawg of interest to lawyers who occasionally or regularly deal with clients, plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses from other cultures or who encounter foreign-language evidence requiring foreign-language document translation in the course of litigation.

Trucking Law and Safety Blog

"Blog about keeping roads safe, Southwest accident news, and latest legal proceedings." Discusses the dangers truckers face in their job duties. Most posts are accident reports.

Undercover Lawyer

"What Your Boss Does Not Want You To Know ... ." Employment law information and employment litigation in the news.


"This Blog is focused on discussing legal issues relevant to employment and labor law in the context of major sports including baseball, basketball, and football."

University of Cincinnati Law Review

“The goal of the blog is to further legal scholarship through shorter, quicker, discussion-based discourse by contributors with practical experience, and to allow more student contributors to build domain expertise and be published in their profession.”

Unpaid Overtime Blog

Verdicts and settlements in wage-and-hour cases and items related to the Employment Law Group.

Unpaid Wage and Overtime Claim Blog

Posts are directed "at workers looking to pursue unpaid wage claims" in Florida "and at educating other attorneys or wage claim issues."

USAttorneys Sexual Harassment Blog

Sexual harassment issues in the United States.

USERRA Rights Blog

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act and Veterans Employment Opportunities Act litigation.

Virgin Islands Law Blog

"U.S. Virgin Islands law & politics."

Virginia Business Litigation Lawyer Blog

"Litigation-related news and commentary relevant to Virginia business owners. Topics include intellectual property, employment law, contracts, and many others."

Virginia Disability Law Blog

"Provides information on social security disability law, special needs planning, wills, living wills, powers of attorney and special needs trusts."

Virginia Non-Compete Law Blog

"Provides a forum for the discussion of noncompete, nonsolicitation, and nondisclosure provisions in employment agreements. It will also offer our readers information and strategies about how to escape the enforcement of illegal and invalid restrictions on your right to earn a living."

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