Labor & Employment

Wage and Hour Laws

"The blog provides up-to-date information on wage-hour principles and developments." Quick Quiz questions are a reoccurring element.

Wage Law

"The California Wage And Hour Law Weblog." Discussion of wage and hour legal issues, law and legislation under California and federal law.

Washington D.C. Employment Law Update

Posts cover labor and employment issues for federal employees, federal legislation related to labor and employment law, and key federal court rulings related to labor and employment law.

Washington Job Law Blog

"A blog manager in Seattle, Washington addressing employment-law developments and issues."

Washington Labor & Employment Wire

"A website addressing the intersection of public policy, regulation and politics in the area of federal labor and employment law."

Washington Labor and Employment Law Blog

"The blog particularly focuses on Washington State and 9th Circuit court decisions and the rulings of the Washington Public Employees Relations Commission. It covers court rulings and legal developments related to collective bargaining rights, wage and hour law, employment discrimination and employee civil rights."

West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

The author blogs about workplace injury risks in West Virginia and offers advice about how to file personal injury lawsuits, ranging in topics from mining regulations to nursing facility negligence to driving laws.

What’s New in Employment Law?

Employment law developments, particularly in California.

When the Abuser Goes to Work

"This blog focuses on the legal aspects of workplace abuse with particular attention to bullying."

Whistleblower Law Blog

Posts describe the firm's services and new employment legislation.

Whistleblower Lawyer Blog

"A blog about Lincoln's Law (False Claims Act) and other whistle-blower laws."

Whistleblower Protection Law

"The Whistleblower Protection Law Blog provides timely news and commentary on developments in whistleblower protection law nationwide from a whistleblower advocate’s perspective."

Whistleblowers Protection Blog

"A source, not only for whistle-blower news, legislative updates, and whistle-blower community events, but also a comprehensive archive of whistle-blower court decisions and statutes from all over the country."

Who’s the Boss?

"Focuses on the many unique issues facing California employers."

Win-Win HR

Posts address management of workplace conflict and solutions for good leadership and governance.

Wisconsin Employment & Labor Law Blog

Devoted to labor and employment issues in Wisconsin and at the federal level.

Women in Labor

"Current issues and developments in labor and employment law."

Women’s Rights Employment Law Blog

The Women's Rights Employment Law Blog covers women's and transgender rights, with links to news items and posts of reader comments.

Work Comp Roundup

Posts several times a day about risk management and the workers compensation process, to reduce costs for companies. Includes both U.S. and international laws.

Work Matters

"All things related to labor and employment law, weaving in references to the classics, business literature and current events."

Worker’s Comp Insider

Per the site, a "weblog about workers' compensation, risk management, business insurance, workplace health and safety, occupational medicine, injured workers, insurance webtools and technology and related topics."

Working The Law: News and Views on Employment Issues

"Views and news on Massachusetts and federal employment law."

Workplace Class Action Blog

"Designed to keep corporate america informed of the latest trends and cutting-edge developments relative to the various forms of challenges employers face, including employment discrimination, ERISA, and wage & hour class actions, governmental enforcement lawsuits brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and other complex employment-related litigation."

Workplace Dignity

"Seeks to infuse dignity and respect into workplace relationships by discussing current trends in employment and labor law and discussing how alternative dispute resolution mechanisms can help to bring peace in times of industrial conflict."

Workplace Discrimination Blog

Verdicts and settlements in workplace discrimination cases and Employment Law Group news.