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  • BKGG’s IP Blog

    "Current events involving brand protection and offer information concerning copyright, trademark and patent law."

  • Blumenauer Hackworth

    Posts answer questions that a criminal defendant or a party to a divorce might have.

  • Boston Car Accident Lawyer Blog

    News on Massachusetts car accidents as well as injury law news.

  • Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog

    This blawg covers topics such as felonies, assault and battery, violent crime, drug offenses and wrongful convictions.

  • Boston Injury Attorney Blog

    Reviews injury law cases, news and legislation in Massachusetts. Topics include nursing home liability, criminal DUI, motor vehicle accidents and playground injuries.

  • Boston Injury Lawyer Blog

    News and events dealing with injury law.

  • Boston Injury Lawyer Blog

    Reports on injury law matters, opinions and cases in Massachusetts.

  • Botulism Blog

    "The authors of the botulism blog conduct surveillance on matters related to botulism recalls and outbreaks and their impact on individuals and families in different cities, states, and regions."

  • Brandner Law Firm

    "Up-to-date legal information and news."

  • Breaking Ground: What’s New in Real Estate Law

    Posts feature news and information on developments in real estate law in a variety of practice areas and industries.

  • Broken Bench Bytes Blog

    Blog discusses corporate restructuring and bankruptcy law developments and issues. Features reviews of bankruptcy court opinions from around the country, broken down into three subheads: "The Bottom Line," "What Happened" and "Why This Case Is Interesting."

  • Buffalo Injury Answers

    Posts answer questions that potential personal injury clients may have.

  • Business Licenses Blog

    "Provides opinion on business license news, reports and legislation in Delaware."

  • Business Litigation Perspectives

    "Insight and commentary on business legal issues." Examines business law and important cases in Florida.

  • CAFA Law Blog

    Features news, information, case analysis and insights into the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005.

  • California Bankruptcy Attorney Blog

    "Bankruptcy law news, reports and opinions in California."

  • California Bankruptcy Blog

    "News and commentary on current issues in the law of business and personal bankruptcy."

  • California Criminal Attorney Blog

    California crime stories in the news.

  • California Criminal Lawyer Blog

    "Examines criminal law cases, news and reports in California."

  • California Eminent Domain Report

    The blawg follows all aspects of eminent domain in California, including condemnation, inverse condemnation, and regulatory takings. The authors keep track of project announcements, budget issues, legislative reform efforts, and they report on all major California eminent domain conferences and seminars. They also follow current cases.

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