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Manufacturing Industry Advisor

Posts cover the changes in the manufacturing industry, including new regulations and topics for employers and lawyers.

Marchman Act Blog

The blawg carries news about Florida's Marchman Act, a law that allows family members of substance abusers to petition courts for an assessment and treatment. The authors also cover the law and studies regarding drug and alcohol use and the courts' treatment of addicts.

Maritime Injury Law Blog

Covers offshore injuries involving fishing vessels.

Mark Rosenblum, P.A.

Posts cover reported crimes in Florida.

Marks, Works & Secrets

“Provides timely updates on the latest trademark, copyright, and trade secrets issues to keep our clients, friends, and readers up to date on pertinent legal developments.”

Marler Blog

Daily updates on food-borne illness reports and resulting nationwide product recalls as well as commentary on what governments and corporations should do as far as responding to current outbreaks and preventing future outbreaks.

Maryland Accident Law Blog

Covers news, information, commentary and sample documents related to Maryland injury and accident law.

Maryland Car Accident Attorney Blog

"Provides opinion on auto accident news, reports and cases in Maryland."

Maryland Corporate Law Blog

From case law developments to stockholder litigation, the blog’s goal is to inform its readers on corporate law matters in the state of Maryland.

Maryland Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Blog

Analyzes motorcycle accident cases, reports and news in Maryland.

Maryland Nursing Home Lawyer Blog

Provides insight on nursing home abuse reports, legislation and opinions in Maryland.

Mass Disaster Lawyers

The blog covers major commercial transportation disasters, particularly truck, train and bus crashes, airline disasters and structure catastrophes.

Massachusetts Injury Lawyer Blog

"Provides opinion on injury news, cases and reports in Massachusetts."

Massachusetts Workers Compensation Lawyer Blog

Workers' compensation news.

McBrayer Employment Law Blog

Posts cover topics related to employment law, regulation and legislation affecting employers nationwide.

McBrayer Health Care Law Blog

"The rules and regulations that govern health care are much more complex than they used to be, not to mention constantly changing. That's why our health care law blog is updated twice weekly -- so that providers can always be abreast of changes affecting their industry."

McBrayer Real Estate Blog

Posts address various topics in real estate law, advice for potential clients and updates in policy.

McClelland Law Firm

"Accident laws and insurance negotiations in Georgia."

McMinn Law Blog

"Stay up-to-date on all aspects of personal injury with this blog."

McNeal Legal Blog

"Weekly blog posts on Florida family law and civil and probate litigation."

Meites, Mulder, Mollica & Glink Law Offices

"A running commentary (now in its fourth year) on the follies and fortunes of employment discrimination law in the federal court of appeals—with occasional detours, at the author's discretion."

Melocowsky & Melocowsky Blog

Personal injury, family law and criminal defense.

Mesriani Law Group

Posts report on employment and personal injury litigation and settlement amounts, with a focus on California.

Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Features criminal law news, cases and reports in Florida.

Miami DUI Attorney Blog

"Provides opinion on DUI law news, cases and reports in Miami."

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