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Midwest Insurance Law Guide

"This blog discusses insurance coverage issues for lawyers and industry executives. It analyzes and advises readers on recent case law. It also explains insurance coverage concepts in easy to understand language with examples under case law."

Minnesota Criminal Defense Law Blog

Posts are primarily about criminal cases in Minnesota, but also address high-profile criminal cases around the country. Occasionally has tips for criminal defendants.

Minnesota Family Law Blog

"General issues and current events related to family law in Minnesota."

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Advocate

"Issues and current events related to workers' comp in the state of Minnesota."

Missouri Bankruptcy Blog

"Covering consumer bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and 13 topics."

Missouri Injury Lawyers Blog

"Provides insight on injury law cases, reports and opinions in Missouri."


“MoFo@ITC is a blog reporting on the latest news, legal developments, trends, and statistics on patent infringement and other intellectual property-based actions (Section 337 investigations) at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC).”

Mortgage Crisis Watch

"Business and legal issues affecting loan repurchases, mortgage-backed securities, and mortgage insurance."

Motor Vehicle Accident News

"Covering New Jersey and Pennsylvania motor vehicle accidents. We supply advice and news in order to help educate the public about the best steps to take after a motor vehicle accident."

MRJ Brain Team

Posts discuss "innovative science issues affecting brain injury and psychology claims. The blog serves as a repository for just a few of the many articles and issues brain injury attorneys should review to keep up with the state of the art."

Murthy Law Firm

Posts cover immigration reform in the United States, immigration law news and news from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Nationwide Employment LawZone

Posts cover employment law news in the UK, including policy and regulatory changes as well as prominent cases.

Navigable Waters: A Maritime, Longshore and Defense Base Act blog

"The principal topics of discussion involve maritime law, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and the Defense Base Act."

Nevada Coverage and Bad Faith Law

"Deals with various topics of interest in the area of insurance coverage questions and issues which arise under Nevada law."

Nevada Insurance Law

"This blog is dedicated to issues related to insurance defense law in Nevada and the Nevada court system."

Nevada Trucking Law

"Answers, strategies and discussions relating to trucking insurance law in Nevada provided with our compliments."

New Jersey Accident and Injury Law Blog

The blog tracks personal injury case issues such as traffic law, recalls, workplace hazards and ordinance updates in New Jersey and New York City.

New Jersey Healthcare Law Blog

Posts include updates on healthcare regulations and policies in the medical industry in New Jersey and nationwide.

New Jersey Injury Attorney Blog

News stories about accidental deaths and settlements and verdicts in wrongful death, product liability and workplace harassment and discrimination lawsuits in New Jersey.

New Mexico Injury Attorney Blog

Discusses injury law news, cases and reports in New Mexico.

New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

"Provides opinions on New Mexico injury law cases in the news."

New York Business Lawyer Blog

Posts address topics in insurance, real estate and civil litigation, among others, in New York.

New York City Criminal Law Answers

Posts answer "questions regarding criminal charges, criminal procedures, fraud and other charges."

New York Criminal Defense

Describes and reviews developments in New York criminal law.

New York Employment Attorney Law Blog

"Provides insight on current employment law news and issues."

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